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I am radblr's mildy edgy nicefem problem child, and I will be cliterati's too.

"woman" is just a construct invented by Big Pussy to sell tampons.

I am on my hands and knees, begging for folks to realize the problem isn't the left hates "free speech".

"Butch lesbians have been socialised as male."

No. Do you know what male socialisation means?

"This is a butch woman" said the person pointing at a woman wearing loads of makeup, heels but because she has short hair and wears a suit she is somehow butch.

Rapists should not be allowed to be political leaders.

When Magdalen Berns wanted Arielle Scarcella to stand up for herself and other women, I do not think she meant that Arielle should cozy up to right wing men.

This is when we pretend we cannot see the transgenders as a delightful prank.

You've heard of trans visibility day, get ready for...
Trans invisibility day

Me: I got 50 Pringles in my mouth using only my tongue

My election day plans for if Biden is the nominee: stay at home and see if I can eat pringles without using my hands, cause I'd rather do that than vote for a rapist.

You can block me all you want, but that won't make Biden not be a rapist or make me get off my ass on election day if he's the nominee.

Biden is a rapist, and I'm not gonna vote for a rapist.

Don't let political purists lie to you, a separatist commune can be one woman and 15 alpacassos living together in a one bedroom apartment.

So called left wing males: Misogyny and lesbophobia are okay if it is towards women I hate.

Something I struggle to let go of is the Brock Turner case. It's been nearly 3 years and I still think of it from time to time and get very angry.

This scumbag raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster on his university campus and only got 6 months in jail because the judge said he is "a really good athlete" and a longer sentence might have "a severe impact on him".

Brock Turner is a rapist. We need to remind people of that every day, because the American justice system failed his victim.

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