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I am radblr's mildy edgy nicefem problem child, and I will be cliterati's too.

"North Korea" was mini-trending on Twitter so I was like, Uh-oh, who did what to DPRK? Turns out Trump was railing against Parasite, so a bunch of ppl were reacting with "Haha, if the movie were North Korean he'd be all for it". First of all, please. Second of all, how dare you

Your peers having periods would be peeriods.

It's tragic how modern women who consider themselves nonreligious, nontraditional and emancipated so often end up having a big, traditional wedding with a church ceremony and taking their husband's last name.

It disgusts me that people were so happy over the death of Magdalen Berns. Some people said such fucked up shit about her.

Women's issues are important on their own and do not need men's issues tacked onto them. Feminism is forced to be watered down because men want to be included.

Imagine seriously believing that cultural marxism is a real thing.

I am tired of some radical feminists being so anti vegan and anti vegetarian, it is so reactionary. I get that there are some women and girls that are vegan and vegetarian who have disordered eating but there are plenty of meat eating women and girls who have disordered eating as well. It is almost like disordered eating is encouraged for women and girls.


-A lesbian-only sex education class (!!!!)
-Making reusable pads, stocking up on them and then giving them to low income/homeless women.
-A safe meeting place for radfems for underground/grassroots activism.
-A large women-only community garden to help make veganism/eating healthy more accessible.

It's good to say you hope Jordan Peterson rots in hell.

It is incredibly common to hear stories about men who kill their children (who are often under the age of ten) and then themselves as a way to try and punish their ex girlfriend or ex wife.

Women are not obligated to fix men's issues.

Oh, so some bigot told someone to go to PV if they have a problem with sympathizing with bigots?

Ha, this is good for two reasons.

1. I'm in their heads, rent free.

2. They are acknowledging they don't want an inclusive fedi, validating yet again that though many people say they want a diverse fedi, they're are just doing it for the clout.

What we're doing together is making bigots afraid, so they are circling the wagons.

Which, ironically, makes what we're doing easier.

Keep pushing.

Do a virgin vs chad meme, except it's the vigin centrist gencrits vs the chad radical gencrits, include a jab at the jordan peterson pearl clutching.

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