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White women's feminism has no unique historical development of its own. Ella Baker provided the college student would-be feminists their nonhierarchical decentralized model of organization; Womanism since the days of the Abolitionist struggle by Black people provided the idea of suffrage and many of the benefits; and the idea of matriarchy and a society where women are at least treated equally if not better comes from the indigenous nations they colonized.

White straight women's radical feminism comes from Lesbian Separatism, it was a version of feminism that appealed to some straights. Lesbian Separatism itself was inspired by national liberation struggles.

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Decolonizing myself / unlearning internalized racism / unlearning racism and colorism / educating myself on issues of race and colonialism etc:

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Nanaka Tsiueriti is the P'urhépecha word for Lesbian, at least according to a speaker I spoke to.

Nanaka = girl/female
Tsiueriti = masculine
Masculine girl (or female)

Through her life stages she is referred to as a woman but with an extra descriptor, "masculine". When a lesbian gets married she becomes a Uarhi Tsiueriti (married masculine woman), it would be implied that she is married to a woman. A nanaka tsiueriti might be butch, or she might be feminine looking, but her role in society is 'masculine' since like men she pursues an independent life and a wife.

Gay men are referred to as feminine males, so it works in reverse too.

I'm not saying it's fair, but that's how the culture sees us, if we are acknowledged at all.

I also found that Mexican nazis (yes, they exist!) who call themselves hispanistas are very into latinidad and the French invasion, this one more evidence why

<<The very idea of a “Latin America” and “Latin” people comes from the French intellectual Michel Chevalier, who sought in the late 1800s to create an umbrella term that would unite colonial subjects under a generic “Latin” identity. In doing so, Chevalier hoped to assist Napoleon III in expanding the French empire. Chevalier hoped that if he could persuade Mexicans to adopt a “Latin” view of themselves, they would be more inclined to align themselves with French interests. In 1968, John Leddy Phelan, in his “Pan-Latinism, French Intervention in Mexico, and the Genesis of the Idea of Latina America,” explains Chevalier’s intentions:

In order to forestall such a dismal prospect, Chevalier had an emphatic answer. France must reassert in a vigorous fashion that hegemony over the Latin world which belonged to her since the time of Louis XIV. Chevalier exhorted, “Only she [France] can prevent this whole family [the Latin nations] from being engulfed in the double inundation of the Germans or the Anglo-Saxons and the Slavs. To France belongs the role of awakening the Latins from the lethargy in which they are now submerged in the two hemispheres, to raise them to the level of other nations and to put the Latins in a position where their influence can be felt in the rest of the world.

If Mexicans embraced the ideals of “Latinism,” the French would now be their “Latin” brethren as opposed to the “Saxons” who also had interests in Mexico. As historian Thomas Holloway notes, “Napoleon III was particularly interested in using the concept to help justify his intrusion into Mexican politics that led to the imposition of Archduke Maximilian as Emperor of Mexico... ”

Unfortunately, the idea found a home among Mexico’s ruling elite. The notion that indigenous people would be “improved” by transforming them into Latinos was a central part of Jose Vasconcelos’s idea of “La Raza Cosmica,” a racial fantasy that promoted whiteness as the “door to the future” for indigenous Mexicans. In her book Seeing Indians: A Study of Race, Nation, and Power in El Salvador, author Virginia Q. Tilley breaks down the racism of “La Raza Cosmica” thusly:

Vasconcelo’s cosmic race concept had, however, little or nothing to do with Indians. Although citing the admixture of indigenous and black blood, he saw the true value of la Raza in its European Spanish and French — hence, “Latin” — cultural (racial) roots. In “La Raza Cosmica,” his tone about Indians was indeed dismissive: those Indians not already “Spanishized” (españolizados) had “no other door to the future than the door of modern culture, nor any other future than the road already cleared by the latino civilization.” His goal was to eliminate Indianness by turning Indians into “latino-mestizos” through cultural change, rather than truly to obviate and eliminate anti-Indian bias. Indeed, he believed that marginalizing — even eliminating — the indigenous peoples was essential to Latin America’s international security and standing.

Knowing the origin of the term “Latino,” I cannot bring myself to embrace it. No matter how you slice it, terms like “Latin,” “Latino,” “Latina,” and “Latinx” represent a racist-colonialist mindset that actively erases people of indigenous and African origin. Why should we continue to promote a term that privileges whiteness at the expense of Brown and Black people? Sadly, in the race to be inclusive, a variety of alphabet-twisting terminology has emerged. >>

#México | Policías del estado de Chiapas lanzaron gases lacrimógenos contra estudiantes normalistas y padres de los #43 estudiantes desaparecidos de #Ayotzinapa con un saldo de al menos seis lesionados 

Pensabamos que ibamos lejos de la matría, pero fuimos vecinos todo el tiempo...

"Critical thinking. Our democracy is in trouble and This Dead White Man can help us!" (Not our own heroes?) :ohnocat:

Hello gyns, Cloudflare is acting up today, sorry for the tech problems. We will move to a new server when we get some free time to work on it. For now, Cloudflare needs to get their s* together

I read some fucked up shit. I don't know what to say. I am not happy when "indigenous" stuff is sold for money. But I have to say this... Whoever you are don't be a TOURIST no money can buy you indigeneity... If you are it, it is in your blood and your family...we do not cannibalize our families...we do not turn our family into tours...we love our people as they are ourselves...we are urban natives and we are multiracial but we are not tourists... I'm not saying don't buy things but think about what the effects are on the community. Also this is why we need socialism

"Uno de los principales motivos de escándalo en mis plataformas digitales y relaciones afectivas ha sido profundizar el tema del mestizaje y las diferencias entre etnicidad, nacionalidad y raza, ya que desde allí es fácil desestabilizar lo que por años se ha tenido como soluciones (nacidas en la voz del opresor). Enfrentar estas temáticas implica grandes cuestionamientos identitarios de lo que somos y no somos, de cómo fuimos o no fuimos catalogados en una estructura social de poder que beneficia/privilegia a determinadas corporalidades. Este texto es invitación a problematizar el mestizaje como "mejoramiento de raza" funcional a discursos hegemónicos de blancura perpetuados a través de distintas corporalidades: aceptar nuestros límites allí donde nuestro cuerpo no alcanza para entender (o hablar por) la experiencia ajena de otros en su andar de mundo/planeta. Lo cual exige grandes dosis de humildad, guardar silencio, dar un paso atrás si es necesario, soltar la ambiciosa pretensión protagónica de las subjetividades blancas como ÚNICA alternativa al expandir la categoría racial "blanco" en aquellos grupos étnicos y culturales que se asemejan al grupo dominante, animando afectos fóbicos/fetichistas de ocultamiento desde una profunda anti-negrura. ** ETNICIDAD, NACIONALIDAD Y RAZA: ...."

"A giant step towards equality for women."

US House removes ratification deadline for Equal Rights Amendment
#aljazeera #news

Members of the Wet'suwet'en Nation's have been raising concerns about the consequences of the controversial #CoastalGasLink pipeline on the environment and their rights.


I might clean up my timeline to remove all the reblogs or just set up a new account, but I want to organize a space for vent and a space for real decolonize hours

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