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In the Mastodon tradition of hi, I'm Nora. My interests include medicinal , , feminist and movements, gynecentric societies, , , and my to-read shelf of women's sci-fi. I value my friendships and solidarity with other lesbians, and plan to live on in the future. Many thanks to @Squiddy and the rest of our tech team for this space! :flag_lesbian: 💜 ✊ ♀️

you: agender afab
me, an intellectual: none gender with left misogyny

“Each of us reflects, in our attitudes toward our body and the bodies of other planetary creatures and plants, our inner attitude toward the planet. And, as we believe, so we act. A society that believes that the body is somehow diseased, painful, sinful, or wrong, a people that spends its time trying to deny the body’s needs, aims, goals, and processes–whether these be called health or disease–is going to misunderstand the nature of its existence and of the planet’s and is going to create social institutions out of those body-denying attitudes that wreak destruction not only on human, plant, and other creaturely bodies but on the body of the Earth herself.”

— Paula Gunn Allen, “The Woman I Love Is a Planet; The Planet I Love Is a Tree” in Off the Reservation

Indigenous people of this continent are not immigrants! Los pueblos originarios del continente no son inmigrantes!

my headache: stop looking at screens
me: no

me, 4 hrs later: wow why do I have a migraine this is homophobia

Become aware of colonialism and fight to make your family never forget who they are

I really meant what I said on the other site about my birth name. I hate how I'm just expected to use a patriname in my day to day life. I'm no man's property and will eventually get rid of the name that states otherwise... might take a grandmother's name or anything really that isn't a man's name

woo boy here's a take for your Monday, fedi

"Coders Should Be Activists"

> Open-source developers could push for climate action or humanitarian causes, but instead, their code has remained a reliable bet for even the most egregious of corporations to use freely

Fernleaf lavender is stubbornly hanging on, idk why it decided to start flowering in January but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Women have no government. Men have organized a government, and they maintain it to the utter exclusion of women.
-- Victoria Woodhull

#anarchism #quote #bot

Here's some of my mints in the garden. I'm hoping to get them to put their runners into the ground bc they're supposed to be good at spreading out on their own.
Mints are good for calming upset stomachs and sometimes works for migraines. I grow mostly yerba buena/spearmint (Mentha spicata) because M. piperita was deemed "overpoweringly minty" by my friends.

half the time I am posting to the interwebs from outside in the first place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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