i know today and this whole gd year has been one long struggle, so here you go

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anyway I have and they are this: men are evil and bad, males should be aborted, you shouldn’t be able to run for president if you’re over 62, or if you’re a male, and also lesbian supremacy now

what is it with hetfems and their lack of critical thinking when it comes to relationships with men :think_bread:​ why is it so cruel and ‘extremist’ to expect hetfems to ask themselves why they think a relationship is a must, what a relationship with a man costs them and how it endangers them?

stop fraternizing with the enemy while calling yourself radical!

okay, not to be depression on the tl, but i have spent the last few days not dealing with my emotions at all and just distracting myself with projects and tv-shows while deliberately not thinking about how scared i am.
scared that my mom might actually end up having cancer again, scared to see her weak from chemo, scared to lose her to that horrible illness like we lost both my grandmothers and i’m scared and angry and it’s unfair. this year has been nothing but death, loss and anxiety and i’m so tired. i want to rest. i want everything to shut up and stop happening. i’d just like to not worry for awhile. not worry about my studies, the health of my parents, the mental health of my younger sister, my goddamn stupid weight and deteriorating eating disorder, finances and moving out of this dorm with people i can’t stand. i have hardly had to time to process all the loss of earlier this year so why can’t i just catch a gd break

swam all the way out to the tiny island on the other side with my friend! we left her husband behind because he’s a weak swimmer and it was a good choice because there was 1.5km out there ✨

i’ve been less active on twt the last few days, primarily because i’ve been sleeping too much (which i should probably go to the doc about, since i suspects b-12 deficiency) but it is also incredibly taxing to witness so much lesbophobia and brainwashed sheep repeating what men told them and trying to tell me how and who i should love and define my own goddamn sexuality. i hate tras i hate all these idiots who fell for it and i hate people in general

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When libfems & men say: “Women should have the right to choose to be sex workers!”

What they really mean is: Men should have the right to choose to purchase women!

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If a male tries to interact with you from another server, report him to us and we will yeet him into the sun :labrys:

posting this here as well. it’s quite a useful list for explaining briefly radfeminism

my normie friend borrowed my edition of the female eunuch the other day after she mentioned listening to an interview with greer and finding her very eloquent. love radicalizing other women :rockon:​ she’s het, i’m pretty sure tho we did make out at new year :ohnocat:

i got a cute mirror and three books: the madwoman can’t speak, psychiatry interrogated, and the snake pit 🐍
my paper is going to be about the pathologizing of female response to oppression as madness and psychiatry as a weapon to punish those refusing to fit the norm

i’m gonna go thrift shopping and visit the library today. i spent the last four days sleeping most of the day away and hanging out on twt while watching bones - this lockdown thing isn’t great for me

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