Women who started STEM

Merian corresponded with scientists across Europe and her books were proudly displayed in the finest libraries. The Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus would later use her drawings to classify insects, and Germany’s most celebrated poet Goethe (who also wrote a treatise on the metamorphosis of plants) praised Merian for her ability to move “between art and science, between nature observation and artistic intention.” According to an essay co-authored by Etheridge and the natural historian Florence F.J.M. Pieters, Merian’s emphasis on relationships influenced—directly and indirectly—important naturalists and artists such as Mark Catesby, William Bartram, and John James Audubon, who all depicted animals and their plants’ hosts and habitats. Yet today, few people have heard of her. She died in 1717, just before her seventieth birthday.


Breonna Taylor was ultimately killed to free up the real estate she was sitting on. We as radical feminists should be at the forefront demanding #justiceforbreonna. To this government and large parts of this country, black women’s lives are worth less than the dirt they stand on.

Excerpts from this article:

According to the lawsuit, there was a surge of purchases by the city of homes and properties on Elliot Avenue in recent years that "have been scheduled for demolition and/or rehabilitation for developments to proceed."[...]

However, the plans also put forth the "need for current homes on Elliott to be demolished," the lawyers allege.

According to the lawsuit, a unit within the Louisville Metro Police Department called Placed Based Investigations (PBI) was "tasked with focusing on certain areas which needed to be cleared for real estate development projects to proceed."


normalize dumping men at the first sign of pornsickness and telling them that's why


Haruko Hiratsuka (Raichō), Yoshiko Yasumochi, and Kazuko Mozume founded a women's literary magazine in 1911.

It was named Seitō, which translated to Bluestocking, and was targeted to a slowly growing population of educated young Japanese women. Seitō was a hit from its very first printing, and drew widespread interest among the women who bought it and suspicion from their skeptical family members.
Although the very idea of a literary magazine for women was radical at the time, the articles were not -at first. But the content evolved to meet the needs of its audience.

Women’s feelings and inner thoughts, however, turned out to be a provocative challenge to the social and legal strictures of this era, when a woman’s role was to be a good wife and mother.
The Seitō women imagined much wider and wilder emotional and professional lives for themselves.
They fell in love, they indulged in alcohol, they built careers as writers, and they wrote about it all—publicly.
The stories were radical enough that the government censored them. The story that prompted policemen to visit the magazine’s office late at night was a piece of fiction about a married women writing to her lover to ask him to meet her while her husband was away.

As they attracted public attention and disapproval, instead of shying away from the controversy they’d created, the editors of Seitō were forced to confront more baldly political questions, and this in turn earned them more banned issues.
In the pages of their magazine they came to debate women’s equality, chastity, and abortion. Without originally intending to, they became some of Japan’s pioneering feminists.

The magazine caused outrage when one of the founders wrote about making a cocktail, when several writers visited the brothel, and when they advocated for women's suffrage

#gendercritical #BlackLivesMatter

This is Arianna Fitts. She went missing in 2016 in San Francisco, California. Her mother, Nicole Fitts, was brutally murdered, and dumped in shallow grave in a fetal position. No one knows what happened to Arianna.

Data shows that missing white children receive far more media coverage than missing black and brown children, despite higher rates of missing children among communities of color. Efforts are still ongoing to find her.

you identify as a woman. i just am one. we are not the same.

"A task force has been formed to investigate missing and murdered tribal women in Wisconsin.

Attorney General Josh Kaul created the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) Task Force on Thursday to combat trafficking, abduction and murder of Native women statewide."

"In 2016, the National Crime Information Center discovered 5,712 reports of missing American Indian and Alaska Native women and girls. The U.S. Department of Justice had logged only a fraction of those cases in its missing persons database.

A 2018 report found there have been at least six cases of missing and murdered tribal women and girls in Wisconsin, according to the Urban Indian Health Institute. The organization noted reports are likely an underestimate of actual cases. Research shows Native women are three times more likely to be murdered than white women."

Source: wpr.org/task-force-created-inv

#radfem #feminism

do not lump radfems in with trans critical conservatives. it's a dangerous path to go down if we "team up" with people that are 1. anti feminist and don't have the rights of marginalised people at heart and 2. are even more anti science than the left. i'd rather speak out on minuscule platforms and build female communities in private than join right wing platforms and orgs. i know my morals and i know my worth and it's not in anti social justice, conspiracies, and trumpism.

If women brutalized men in the degree to which they do to us or to each other, we would have been contained and shut down as an entire cohort of people a long time ago.

After I was raped by a male who identified as a woman, a sex segregated rape shelter gave me a fighting chance. I am alive today because women refused to lie down to men. Rage keeps me alive three years later, today.

WTF! How can anyone look at this case and rule it a sucide? I am so tired of seeing my sisters dying without justice. You know that if she was able to fight back and killed him, they most likely would've sent her to prison to break rocks. Men only protect themselves.

Get your "Both sides are just as bad" argument away from me you filthy centrist.

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