Et dans mes nuits, je pense à toi
Ma folie, plonge dans tes bras
On s'est quitté, un jour d'été
Sans un adieu, et je m'en veux
C'est pas facile, d'en reparler
J'étais fragile, à tes côtés
Je regrette tant, en y pensant

Human lives will always be more important than profit.

“...[T]he history of capital is the history of [B]lack subjection. And the history of [B]lack subjection has its origin within [Black chattel] slavery … the structural position of the slave paved the way for the genesis of the white bourgeois subject [i.e. civil society and its economics: capitalism]. To be white [Human] was to not be a slave [Black]. [Slavery] was to define and guarantee white livelihood [capitalist society].”

-R. L. ‘Wanderings of the Slave: Black life and Social Death’. 2013

Me: I got 50 Pringles in my mouth using only my tongue

Events in the novel are interlaced with the stories of book club members consisting of seven of her female students who met weekly at Nafisi's house to discuss works of Western literature, including the controversial Lolita, and the texts are interpreted through the books they read.

[The biography] narrates her teaching at the University of Tehran after 1979, her refusal to submit to the rule to wear the veil and her subsequent expulsion from the University, life during the Iran–Iraq War, her return to teaching at the University of Allameh Tabatabei (1981), her resignation (1987), the formation of her book club (1995–97), and her decision to emigrate.

Reading Lolita in Tehran consists of a memoir of Azar Nafisi’s experiences of returning to Iran during the revolution (1978–1981) and living under the Islamic Republic of Iran government until her departure in 1997.

When Magdalen Berns wanted Arielle Scarcella to stand up for herself and other women, I do not think she meant that Arielle should cozy up to right wing men.

Don't let political purists lie to you, a separatist commune can be one woman and 15 alpacassos living together in a one bedroom apartment.

I’m stuck in self-isolation with violent tempered pornsick misogynists. This smooth brained moron has that gall to say lesbian porn is a reward for.. what? Supporting lesbian rights??? Like how dare you.

I’ve been subject to very highly sexualized homophobia by very obviously pornsick males. Starting from a fairly young age, and from males within my own family on many occasions. To see a lesbian with a (relatively) large platform speak about pornography like that, as if it isn’t the root of an unspeakable amount of sexual violence against lesbian women, just infuriates me.

Arielle is behaving like a handmaiden of patriarchy.

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