Women make better leaders because women are more logical and care about others.

**Ada Lovelace Day: '2020 has been a hard slog'**

"Women working in the technology sector describe their experiences of living through the pandemic."


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@Starlit_Fire Men think that they shape women, when in reality it’s the other way around, and since then, they’ve tried to put their stamp on women in any, desperate way possible. Men rape women, men force us to take their last names in marriage, men even made up “adam and eve” to convince us that they we came from a man’s rib, and that our reproductive capabilities (i.e. periods) are Eve’s “punishment”.

Friendly reminder that people with penises cannot be lesbians or date lesbians. This shouldn't be controversial to say in 2020.

Stop speaking over lesbians when we tell you this. If you're not homosexual, you don't get a say.

I’m an astrology skeptic, but seeing women reject men because their Venus is in Gemini or whatever will always spark joy. After centuries its time that men suffer for arbitrary bullshit reasons.

**Two Years After Khashoggi’s Murder, Why is America Still An Accomplice to MBS’s Crimes?**

"Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered on October 2, 2018 by agents of Saudi Arabia’s despotic government, and the CIA concluded they killed him on direct orders from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). …"


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In my new vlog about all things WTF, I talk to निगम खनाल, a Nepali feminist activist about the recently passed misogynistic citizenship act.

link: https://youtu.be/QwgP80WYNKA

Permaculture Women’s Guild, to learn about helping your local plant and people ecosystem thrive.

Permaculture is a more intuitive, low-maintenance method of food and medicine gardening.


**TikTok Admits to Deleting Russian LGBT Videos**

"A TikTok executive suggested that Russia’s requests could be linked to a 2013 law prohibiting “gay propaganda” toward minors."


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A doctor writing to a newspaper in 1963 to express his concerns over ‘sex-change’ surgery.

🗺 Illustrations of British Fungi (Hymenomycetes), to serve as an atlas to the "Handbook of British Fungi".
LondonWilliams and Norgate1881-91.

People who believe that an inverted penis is a vagina, that a male can become female via medical intervention; they really have no right to sneer at christians who claim that woman comes from man's rib. It's all the same misogyny, that classic aristotle, "woman is an incomplete, defective man".

Throughout Algeria’s history under French colonialism, women played a vital role in the quest for self-determination, as well as in protecting and developing the country’s culture and traditions.

This was particularly apparent during the War of Independence (1954-1962), when Algerians fought to free the North African country from 132 years of French rule in a battle that would come to represent the epitome of fierce revolutionary resistance.


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