note to others: feel free to shoot me an email too! i like all the features and want to test them out.

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anyone ever tried using keybase before? wondering if i should sign up.

note to self: do the email thingy before you forget!

aaaand it's gone. i should have seen that one coming. :eep:

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TL IS BACK! thank god... one space more.

i come back from a break and a wave of feminist and women-centric subs got banned...

yeah, i'm glad i signed up for this site.

the new forest theme is soothing my entire SOUL. :YeeHaw:

this guy fieri flavored CSS better be how cliterati is branded from now on or else i'm staging an uprising.

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is it possible for me to not fall for every cute woman i see? research suggests there is little evidence to say so

my LC back issues came in!!! there's nothing like holding lesbian history in your hands.

it feels so much safer being in a female only environment :pure:

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Cliterati is now hosted offshore. We have DDoS protection from our provider, but we are in the process of adding additional protection and security to our server.

Cliterati now features a mail server for its members. Protected from spam and DKIM-signed, it passes with a 10/10 score on mail-tester. Check it out:

Cliterati can now be accessed via Tor, on our v3 .onion address. I'm working through some redirects at the moment, so if it won't work for you make sure that you are accessing the http version of the site, it will sometimes try to to redirect you to https at the moment.

Visit us via Tor:

Cliterati features both automatic backups via our hosting provider, and daily automatic offline backups on a Raspberry Pi equipped with a Zymkey, using LUKS & dm-crypt.

Users are now verified via our own Jitsi configuration hosted on our server.

In the next few weeks, Cliterati will feature new site themes, new emoji packs, and will once more have regular movie nights.

You can now read all about The Cliterati Project at and our upcoming podcast:

hi everyone! i'm still setting up my profile but i'm happy to be here!

Cliterati is a female-only public forum created by lesbians for lesbians. Centering lesbian women of color, lesbian detransitioners, and butch lesbians. we feature a custom 4K character limit, themes, emojis, and an anti-racist, anti-homophobic code of conduct. Open to allies.