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just finished this :D i might want to make a pair of bloomers for her later, but... i'm happy with her for now!!

my favorite pasttime these days is reimagining greek mythology so that all the goddesses are now lesbians. :peep:

so as always was bomb! bound had me on the edge of my seat. i loved the drama and the twists and turns. i was rooting for the lead couple in almost no time. though there were a lot more men than i typically prefer in my lesbian movies the plot sucked me in. i was also swooning over the tattooed muscular tomboy the whole movie. :blobheartcat:

without spoiling too much: movie about women in love tricking mobsters AND getting their happily ever after in the process? *chef's kiss* beautiful.

do you ever randomly remember a crush you had on a straight girl and automatically take 50 points of psychic damage :cri:

i've started lowkey terving out on main and it feels so good. i'm done playing along with other people's delusions. i've just slowly stopped fearing the homophobic and misogynistic attacks because there will always be people who hate lesbians anyway. :noneofmybusiness:

:think_bread:​ is anyone else's home section not loading anything?

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Women are taking over the Fantasia, a male-dominated equestrian event in Morocco. Once a year, riders in Médiouna near Casablanca celebrate the ancient martial arts of their ancestors. Now, Moroccan women are changing the rules.


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was WILD. i didn't know what to expect of but i'm a cheerleader but i liked it.

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desisting was the best decision i ever made. my mental health improved so much when i stopped obsessing over my "gender."

dear uteri! i did not get to meet you formally before you left us but it's clear from how others talk about you that you were a valuable part of this community before we became a lesbian-only space. bisexual women and lesbians have supported one another throughout history and it makes me appreciate the special bond our love for women shares when bisexuals act in true solidarity with lesbian women. thank you. you're a real one.

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do y'all watch adventure time at all? im super excited for distant lands' new episode called obsidian. it's going to be about marceline & bubblegum's relationship specifically. arguably the best lesbian couple in animation & the writers don't care about toning it down anymore

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A big announcement for Cliterati's feature update! We have combined Glitch-soc's version of Mastodon with Fedibird's quote-posting feature, and egypturnash's custom character limit for a feature-rich experience.

First of all, our themes are back!
You can select them by going to Preferences > Flavours > Glitch Edition and selecting the theme or "skin" from the drop-down menu. We currently have 6 different "skins" for you to choose from, and there are more planned.

Please do not use the Vanilla Mastodon Flavour, as the skins selected there will break your interface and you will have to go back and select the Glitch flavor's skins. I'll be removing this flavor.

Cliterati now has the ability to quote a user's status, like on birdsite. click the double-quote icon on a post to quote it, but be aware that at this current time the user will not be alerted to the fact that you have quoted them. We want to work on adding in a notification for this in the future. There's still a bit of squiggly/messy content we'll remove so it looks nicer.

There is now a “threaded mode” feature added to the compose interface. This eases writing “threads” of several splats and makes creating threads easier, like on birdsite.

Ability to clear notifications
You can now do this by clicking on the eraser icon when you're viewing your notifications, and selecting the notifications to be deleted.

*Enhanced text formatting for posts: *
You can now use bold, italics, even create lists and display blocks of code.

There are 3 options:
Plain text: splats are treated like in vanilla Mastodon, and are not formatted
Markdown: splats can be written in Markdown, as understood by Redcarpet
HTML: splats are written directly in HTML (but sanitized to strip any unsupported formatting)

You can write splats in Markdown or HTML from the glitch flavor by first enabling “Show content-type choice when authoring toots” in the “Compose box” tab of the app settings. Then, for each splat, you can select whether you want to want to author them in Plain text, Markdown or HTML by using the content-type drop-down. You can also set your default content-type from user settings.

Improved filters:
You can hide filtered posts completely, show a "filtered" placeholder, show the "filtered" placeholder with a button to display why, or still display the post and add the filtered words to the content warning. You can do this all from the "filters" option of app settings.

Collapsible posts:
You can choose which splats to collapse, or enable/disable collapsed posts from your app settings. You can do the same with notifications.

You can doodle!!
A neat feature of glitch-soc! Click on the paperclip icon on the compose-box and you will see a "draw something" option that will allow you to create and post a doodle!

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omg okay so was so good? :pure:​ aving face was so CUTE 10/10

the trans activists targeting detransioners and desisters are unbelievably malicious. i used to give TRAs the benefit of the doubt but now i see they don't even care who they hurt if it lets them control the narrative.

detrans people aren't people in their eyes. they're just threats. i cannot imagine having so little compassion for another human being.

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UPDATE: We are still working hard to create a new, feminist platform for women. We're determined to stand up for women's rights to discuss issues that affect us without interference. We condemn recent DDOS attacks upon Saidit. #ForTheSisterhood

We're focussing on improving security to protect our community from the predictable attacks from TRAs. We aim to create a permanent, secure space for all of our former members, and to expand our movement. Our site should launch this week.

Initially, registrations will be limited while we work to rebuild our community, but in time we will open it up more widely. Please follow us for updates. We missed you - and we're excited to be coming back! #GenderCritical

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