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I cringe so hard whenever I hear the word "mouthfeel", even when it's used innocently and in the context of food, like I can't not think of the TRA definition 🀒

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More screenshots of homophobic remarks made by Posie Parker on Twitter.

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I sometimes see posts on Spinster and other parts of the social web demanding that everyone who opposes transactivist ideology, and especially feminists, should ignore political differences and abandon all disagreements while they unite against the overriding threat of the Trans Menace.

It might be nice if it were really that simple.

I’m going to court unpopularity by drawing attention to various homophobic remarks that Posie Parker made on Twitter over several years while she was active there. Screenshots below.

What I read in these tweets is not an ideological opposition to homosexuality, of the kind proclaimed by some Christians. It is a purely secular contempt, expressed casually in bitchy remarks.

Many of the young women who have detransitioned have told us that they are lesbian or bisexual. They tried to believe that they could be men because of family and societal disapproval. Posie Parker despises them: she has made that quite clear.

So who is it who is being divisive?
And who matters most?

I cannot behave as though displays of contempt for lesbians are a trivial matter to be swept aside in the interests of sustaining an artificial appearance of unity.

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Certain misogynist women: You are a handmaiden because you criticised a male ally.

Lol someone posted about the Spinster FBI situation on Gender Critical

Ugh around January 3rd or so my local library's network went down because of a hack and ransomware attack and services still haven't been fully restored :cricat: I wanna be able to login :cricat: also who tf even targets a library? Why would you do that?

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I hate when people act like genitals are the only thing lesbians don't like about transwo-MEN like shut the front door! I don't like male entitlement! I don't like male smell! I don't like male muscle and fat distribution! I don't like the male need to take up space (but it's totally different when a woman does it, since it's refreshing and the social conditioning isn't there). I've known a few dudes who I always think of as being small and super scrawny skeletons but I've noticed how huge their forearms are compared to mine and it's gross and even a woman larger than me wouldn't have arms that look like that, but even if a woman has some masculine traits she's never going to have enough to be a man and I hate when people make that comparison and say that women with things like deep voices or darker facial hair are the same as TIMs, especially when basically all women are made to feel bad about any "masculine" traits they may have.

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Some people out there: It is not misogyny if I act sexist towards a woman I hate.

Certain Women on Spinster: Calls other women handmaidens for pandering to male feelings.
These Same Women on Spinster: Panders to male feelings.

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I am not the spokesperson for the feminist website. And that's why the majority of the people who disagree with me on the website get banned.

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Misogyny against women you dislike will still always be misogyny.

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Okay so I hadn't been on here or Spinster for a few days 

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I was watching this video about Icelandic mythology and the Yule Lads and their names are fckin wild...Spoon-licker, Bowl-licker, Sausage-swiper, Window-peeper, Doorway-sniffer...πŸ’€

Idk if it's because the magic of Christmas wore off when I found out that Santa isn't real, because of my depression, or because I'm an atheist now or what. Also when I was at my aunt's house earlier after we finished opening presents my uncle was talking about how he feels similarly, and how he thinks it's because of how corporate Christmas is nowadays, like Halloween just happened or even before Halloween there'll be Christmas shit at stores already and it kinda ruins it in a way, if that makes sense? Like when he was growing up there was more anticipation for Christmas and you had to wait but now corporations throw all the Christmas shit at you as soon as they can. Idk I thought it was an interesting point, though I'd argue that pretty much all holidays have been corporatized but I digress.

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