Friendly reminder that people with penises cannot be lesbians or date lesbians. This shouldn't be controversial to say in 2020.

Stop speaking over lesbians when we tell you this. If you're not homosexual, you don't get a say.

β€œShelley says that she was showing a couple of lesbians from Boston around the area, when they saw the riot at Stonewall going down. The two women from Boston, who were looking to start a Boston chapter of the Daughters of Bilitis, were taken aback by the riot, but Shelley, who was often involved in anti-war riots, assured them it was no big deal. However when she found out it was a gay riot, she realized it was a big deal and called her higher up at the DOB, right away. She said, β€œWe have to have a protest march.” #LGBHistory #Lesbians

The 'feminist' society at my uni sounds more like inclusive humanism. :ohnocat:​
Time to look elsewhere...

I'm almost finished with 'For Lesbians Only: A Separatist Anthology' (edited by Sarah Hoagland & Julia Penelope)!
This book was my first introduction to lesbian separatism and helped me understand a lot about radical lesbianism. Would highly recommend a read! πŸ‘Œβ€‹

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