should I get a double venus, a labrys, or rainbow dots?

Also, most artists are down to draw something themselves right? I only have 1 tattoo so i still don't know how they work lol

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@holyterrortomboy omg okay, so I have also considered getting a labrys. I'm torn between a labrys on my right bicep, or a squid, or feathers/wing. If I don't get the squid on my bicep it will go on my back, if I get the feathers on my back, the squid will go on my bicep, but then where will the labrys go?? I have been STUCK for months on it.

Where would you get your tattoo and can I see examples of the design you want?

@holyterrortomboy I think so, but usually not for free! You'd be paying for the design and their time.

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