troons who see sex-based discrimination as a sign they pass as women are so fucking weird lol. like i know this straight commie guy who transitioned around 16 so he passes almost perfectly as a 20-something hipster girl, but in reality he's a trad cath convert and a biotruth dudebro adfghjkl. like he thinks his brain is anatomically female and gets excited when he cooks dinner for his bf, or wears a veil in church and it's so STRANGE.

there is something v unsettling about men playing out the one dimensional view they have of us irl

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@genova because many TIMs get off on the idea of women being kept down and submissive, so they often emulate that. It shows their sexist ideas on what it means to be a woman and how woman should behave, so many of them are just incels.

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