the way Ammonite is the same lesbian period drama we've seen 10000 times and im still gonna watch it lmaoooo

whats that adjective for a really absorbent pussy? vascuous? help me out here queens

there is something v unsettling about men playing out the one dimensional view they have of us irl

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troons who see sex-based discrimination as a sign they pass as women are so fucking weird lol. like i know this straight commie guy who transitioned around 16 so he passes almost perfectly as a 20-something hipster girl, but in reality he's a trad cath convert and a biotruth dudebro adfghjkl. like he thinks his brain is anatomically female and gets excited when he cooks dinner for his bf, or wears a veil in church and it's so STRANGE.

What are you guys reading? Rn I'm on The Stand, The Idiot, and My Year of Rest and Relaxation.

Do you think gender criticism is a minority view, or most progressive women feel the way we do but hold back out of politeness.

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