Can’t wait until I never have to live with men again 😌😌

Esteemed gentlewomen--gaydies, bisexuelles, gentlefebs, and bachelorhettes--we are gathered here today...

Fun fact that I just discovered today: I can scroll/tap on my phone using clementine slices. Do with this as you will.

We are a group of lesbian feminists of color.

No, we will not allow right-wing ideology as the right has not, and will never truly be, on the side of women and girls.

We will not compromise our morals for the voices of men and male people.

We will not permit homophobia and racism on our platform. We will not allow the shaming of detrans women.

If you wish to compromise your morals for the sake of belonging to a larger group, Cliterati is not the place for you.

We believe in forging our own path with a strong community versus a larger community that faces a divide.

This is who the Cliterati are.

It seems only viruses from non-white countries can compel white men to wash their hands

Every time someone unironically shares Right Wing media talking about trans issues over on spinster, a baby panda dies.

Spinster really just became a place for right wing echo chamber. I mean, are we surprised when they refuse to cut ties with gab and their tech admin is canoodling with Nazis? πŸ˜‚

Private investigators made a huge discovery. de drogas smuggle cocaine from into , then into the USA; to avoid detection, they buy illegally mined from and in the . All of this severely hurts and exploits indigenous communities, damaging the environment (both and ), impoverishing them, damaging their health, desecrating all they hold sacred, and bringing violence including sex trafficking. People live in fear, so our people travel north. This is an existential threat to people all over , here and now. And the don't want anyone to know, they order assassins. But understand, they can't stop the masses. This is not our way. What they do now all started 500 years ago when the Spaniards invaded us for gold; now some of our own people are doing it, a result of the mass trauma of colonialism first introduced to us by the europeans, we are uprooted from our traditional ways and identified with our colonizers. We need to fight for brown lives and the soul of .

Next thing you know, Alex is gonna be whining to mommy that all of his userbase was...

If quoth the Squid, "Lo, sestren, commence thy Posting! Cliterati is for Posting, yea, even the Shytepost," then, by the goddesses of our foremothers, we shalt shitpost with all the might we possess!

"The LGB Tea: a podcast for the LGB's Tea on the T"

- @capizcayotl and I, galaxy brain

leaving a woman for a man is like...throwing out a 5 star 3 course meal for a moldy bagel u found marinating in garbage juice at the bottom of the dumpster

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