god I woke up in so much pain this morning 💀

bihet rfs really think heterophobia is real

I’m going villager hunting in animal crossing wish me luck

bis date men purely bc they don’t want to date women. stop making excuses lmao

me: *dysphoric*
me: *sees a male* ah nvm

real dysphoria hours bc i can’t get my wife pregnant smh but you know at least my hairline is good

males rly think they pass when they look like michael cera with purple hair but with more testosterone

lesbians who are married or long term partnered who are anti terf are the biggest fucking cowardly traitors tbh cuz they KNOW they don’t like dick but they also know they’re safe from being forced tbh

anyway I have and they are this: men are evil and bad, males should be aborted, you shouldn’t be able to run for president if you’re over 62, or if you’re a male, and also lesbian supremacy now

I forgot this exists & I’ve been put in twitter jail and could have been here the entire time making you all read my useless thoughts, smh


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