A rant from a couple days ago, Stories of Lesbians from Small Towns and Villages

We watched a documentary on Indian lesbian couples in rural areas. The documentary included an inter-caste lesbian relationship, the topic of "corrective rape" that one of the women had suffered through, and a double-suicide committed by a lesbian couple as recently as 2018 because they felt they had nowhere to go and the world wouldn't let them be together.

Documentaries like this, that showcase the real struggle of homosexuals around the word, in particular lesbians, is why the hissy fit the trans community throws when you won't deny reality to call them what they demand to be called, is even more narcissistic and self-centered than some are willing to admit. It's also why heterosexual couples who call themselves "queer" are the worst scum. They live in a land of privilege and comfort that real homosexuals never can, and appropriate the LGBT community to suit their own desire to be "special" and "different" in their mind, and have zero experience of what it is actually like to be gay. The entitlement is deeply disturbing.

These people should sit down for a long history lesson, so that they can learn why appropriation and forced validation is wrong.

Homosexuals did not want your validation. We wanted the right to not be discriminated against, and we wanted the same rights as everyone else, nothing more and nothing less. We did not deny reality and force others to lie about our sex, we were okay with being different. That is where "we're here, we're queer, get used to it!" comes from, before the term queer was appropriated. It meant we are fine with being "other" but that you may not discriminate against us.

Actual gay people still suffer the world over in ways that self-labeled "queer" people never will.

As a matter of fact, the trans community in India had more rights than actual homosexuals long before Section 377 was abolished.

So called left wing males: Misogyny and lesbophobia are okay if it is towards women I hate.

Arielle. Please, for the love of all that is holy. Shut the fuck up. Go take an omega-3 supplement; your brain function has been taking a steep nosedive.

Esteemed gentlewomen--gaydies, bisexuelles, gentlefebs, and bachelorhettes--we are gathered here today...

a visual representation of the state of my dopamine receptors

Chick created so much tension that the one chick who hadn't joined didn't join and is now going to miss out on a beneficial study group. This is how het chicks who aren't allowed to think without their boyfriend ruin it for the other women and why female separatism and lesbian-only spaces are needed.

She's at that age where she's getting into boys. More specifically a boy. Even more specifically, Stalin.

Please be kind to retail workers, especially during this pandemic.

I was a literal indigo child that shit was so brilliant

When I was a kid I googled 'bare naked ladies' specifically so if anybody caught me I could just say I was searching for the band

As much as I hate my own voice, I think I enjoyed talking to Thistle a lot. This sisterhood is the best part of my cancellation. I'm charged up and absolutely fearless.

Thank you, @WLRN for this fabulous honor. I'll keep working hard to earn the high praise.

I have given a HUGE shout out to my sisters on Spinster, who's existence and support gave me a scary amount of courage. Thank you to my most dearest friend @mk for creating this haven. I love you, and forever grateful to our friendship.

You can listen to the interview here: m.soundcloud.com/wlrn-media/wl

Forgive my uuuhhhs and aaaahhhs. Ugh. Thank you. Bye.

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