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Maya Angelou speaks on the difference between Black American Womanhood vs. White American Womanhood (1973)

Maya Angelou: Beah Richards, a great poet, a great actress. Wrote a poem, 鈥淭he Black Woman Speaks to White Womanhood鈥 in which she says that white women, who were brought here many times almost as much slaves as black women鈥搚ou know, to marry鈥搒he says, 鈥淚f they did appraise my teeth / they checked out your thigh / and sold you to the highest bidder / the same as I,鈥 and yet, she goes on in her poem to say, 鈥測et you settled down / and when you saw my children say- sold / you gave no reproach / but for an added broach / settled down in your pink slavery / and thought that enduring my slavery, or allowing it to happen, would make yours less.鈥 She says, 鈥淵ou never noticed that the bracelet you took was really a chain, and the necklace you accepted throttled your speech.鈥 Now there鈥檚 a great difference in the white American woman and the Black American woman.
white man, interrupting: Well do you think that women鈥檚 liberation is a white woman鈥檚 fantasy?

Maya Angelou: No! Certainly not a fantasy; a necessity!

white man, interrupting: not a fantasy? a necessity?

Maya Angelou: Definitely needed.

white man: Does it [women鈥檚 liberation] say anything to Black women?

Maya Angelou: Very little, I鈥檓 afraid. You see, white women have been made to feel in this society that they are superfluous. A white man can run his society-

white man, interrupting: Not superfluous in bed, not superfluous in the home, not superfluous in the-

Maya Angelou, retaking control of the conversation: No, no, excuse me Bill, I didn鈥檛 mean that. I mean to run his world. He can send his rockets to the moon, and the little woman can stay at home. He can keep that camera rolling鈥揳nd I love seeing you bring in some women in the crew, it just made me love you more [Bill laughing] than I already did鈥 but generally, he, the white American man, makes the white American woman, maybe not superfluous but maybe, a little, a kind of decoration. Not really important to the turning around of the wheels of state. But the Black American woman has never been able to feel that way. No Black American man at any time in our history in the United States has been able to feel that he didn鈥檛 need that Black woman right against him, shoulder to shoulder. In that cotton field, on the auction block, in the ghetto. Wherever, that Black woman has been an integral, if not a most important part of a family unit.

for supporting a lesbian-only space and for realizing that a space just for us, does not mean that we "hate" you. It takes a grown woman to be a true ally.


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lmao now the tiny profile pictures are just a bar on any theme except the Hacker theme oh no im 馃槀鈥:rofl:

From Twitter user @leaderjoohyunie:

Lesbian Chinese Billionaires, Yu Shuxin and Zhao Xiaotang, marry. With a combined networth of $250 BILLION, this makes them the richest couple alive.

If a male tries to interact with you from another server, report him to us and we will yeet him into the sun :labrys:

lmaoo if you click on a user profile the profile pic is so tiny i promise imma fix that...first thing tomorrow

**Cliterati Movie Night** in our Discord server this friday! What lesbian movie do YOU want to see? I was thinking Asagao to Kase-san. Yes, I know it's anime. There's also M盲dchen in Uniform and The Children's Hour.

We have yet to watch Itty Bitty Titty Committee just because I need to get a DVD drive for my laptop and the online copies are like 480p.

Movies we've watched that we would be open to watching again:

-The Incredibly True Adventure of 2 Girls in Love
-But I'm a Cheerleader!
-Saving Face
-The Watermelon Woman
-The Truth About Jane
-If These Walls Could Talk 2
-Foxfire Confessions of a Girl Gang (Both the 1996 and the 2012 version)
-Loving Annabelle

@goobeebee yes!!! like you will hear trans people talking about gender abolition and other ideas straight out of 70s lesbian theory. its very frustrating lmao. like how do you acknowledge that gender is confining and dysphoria-inducing for many people, then decide that the solution to this issue is to.... switch to another gender? It's so wild. It's like hopping from one prison to another prison!

Do you think gender criticism is a minority view, or most progressive women feel the way we do but hold back out of politeness.

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