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I promise you that if you contact our modmin team at 7 in the AM CST and expect to get verified you will be let down. :sleempy:

If you're going to show support for radfems please pick the many non-homophobic or anti-racist radfems to support. :donotsee:

Aaaaand there it is. J.K. Rowling just tweeted a thank you at a radfem who compared homosexuals to literal Nazis.

I said stay away from the tories.

Someone should really warn allies to stay away from the bad actors in the community, because they do exist.

My girlfriend: "If I was a worm would you still love me? "

Me: bb what? I-

TL IS BACK! thank god... one space more.

i come back from a break and a wave of feminist and women-centric subs got banned...

yeah, i'm glad i signed up for this site.

When I say Black Lives Matter and y'all reply with "do black trans lives matter then??"

1) Did I stutter?
2) Do y'all NOT include black trans lives in your Black Lives Matter??

*me while pouring maple syrup on my eggs*

"I wish I was Canadian :("

Yeah, men can't have a uterus transplant due to their skeleton not being built for it. It's literally science. Y'all can't birth the baby, your hips are too narrow, and your coccyx would fuck up the baby on the way out (pierce the skull). We learned this shit in anatomy class.

What's that you say? A "C-section" birth?
Well, C-section babies are born with compromised immune systems because the baby first experiences that good flora from the vaginal canal needed to build a strong immune system. And also your fake vagina won't stretch the way it's needed to deliver. Also, any breast milk you produce via hormones will not be as nutrient rich as a real pregnant woman's breast milk. It will not provide the needed immunity for the baby.

Transwomen would literally be creating at-risk babies for their own validation. It's disgusting.

In light of r/GenderCritical being banned by the cowards who run Reddit I would like to state here and now that lesbians who post gender critical or radfem content will not be banned or censored.
We believe in listening to lesbians. Cliterati has an easy code of conduct that can be summed up to:

No racism.
No homophobia.
No Harassment, defamation, or doxing.

As long as posts follow those guidelines, they are welcome on Cliterati.

Our movie night tonight is a double feature, and part of our support for Black Lives Matter. The movies are The Watermelon Woman and Pariah. Black lesbian lives matter today as they do every single day. It was Storm茅 DeLarverie, a black butch lesbian who started the Stonewall riots.


We now have a total of 5 custom themes, 3 of which are brand new, and 2 are updated!


Updated themes:
Cliterati Classic

We have new emojis, and the emojis have been put into categories to make them easier for you to use!
We have new additions to our Pride, Lesbian, Memes, and Cattos and Doggos categories! We also have a new Steven Universe emoji category.
Feel free to also suggest emojis.

Some themes in development are a K-Pop Stan theme, LezPride theme, and a Birthday theme!

the new forest theme is soothing my entire SOUL. :YeeHaw:

White knights and "male feminists" are by default sexist, because they treat women as if women are too weak and frail to defend themselves. They usually act like women need to be saved by them personally.

You couldn't save yourself from getting dunked on during lunch period in middle school and you think you're going to "save" a grown woman? Get the fuck out of here.

this guy fieri flavored CSS better be how cliterati is branded from now on or else i'm staging an uprising.

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