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Indiana University has implemented coronavirus (COVID-19) measures effective until April 6. Classes to be online for 2 weeks following spring break.

I swear to the Night Mother, Caption Bot.
Quit calling me out even though I want you to. :knifesquid:

Good morning gynes, you are all loved and valid and I see your struggle and you're not alone :squidlove:. Cliterati Tech is working on changes and improvements for you. There have been a few minor setbacks but I promise you that we're building this community together, step by step.

All of this.

*AfterEllen does not use the word queer to describe lesbians. This term is being used here only and specifically to reference self-described queer people and their community.

I DID IT! A solid B in my first 4 classes!
Usually that would upset me, but these are 400 level classes for Microbiology and Chemistry. Finals were rough!

I would have pulled off higher grades without all the extra drama but whatever.
Next week starts Urinalysis And Body Fluids, Serology And Immunohematology, and Serology Methods.

If quoth the Squid, "Lo, sestren, commence thy Posting! Cliterati is for Posting, yea, even the Shytepost," then, by the goddesses of our foremothers, we shalt shitpost with all the might we possess!

Whites who can't write three sentences without errors when they spot one (1) typo in someone else's work: "Seems like this person is ESL." :unamused:

(TW for rape, graphic description)

In '03, Kobe Bryant had a hotel concierge come to his hotel room. They made a couple of consensual advances (kissing) and when Kobe wanted to take things further, the concierge said no and tried to leave. Kobe then proceeded to very brutally rape her in his hotel room, to the point where she was bleeding.

When she went to the hospital, they examined her and discovered bruises on her neck and lacerations in her vagina, which is what was causing her to bleed. They did DNA tests on the blood on Kobe's shirt and it matched. This was full proof that he did it, the hospital even told the police that this was hard evidence, only for her to be slut-shamed. They did, however, still take this to court.

And you know what this motherfucker said in his statement? That he *thought* she consented, but only after looking at the damage he had done to her, did he realize what he did and "admitted" it (along with a half-assed apology).

"Idk, I thought she consented."

Anyways, Happy Women's History Month! Kill rapists, doxx abusers, deny men sex and start a women's only camp!

Please donate!

"In 2016 in Argentina, Higui (Eva AnalΓ­a de JesΓΊs) was attacked by a group of men when visiting her a friend in her home and defended herself from corrective rape.
After years of ongoing harassment for being lesbian, including being attacked and stoned, having her home burned and her pet killed, she was set upon by the three men, one of whom attempted to rape her for being lesbian. Higui defended herself and her attacker was killed - she is now on trial for his death
Higui was initially jailed while awaiting trial but was freed 8 months later, after public pressure.
Higui has faced ongoing violent lesbophobia in her community.

Listening2Lesbians is raising money to support her and demonstrate the worldwide solidarity we feel for her as lesbians and lesbian allies."

Should Squiddy..

I forgot to give y'all badges because I honest to goddess forgot how many days were in February.

Don't panic. I'm your admin.

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