"The photograph is the ultimate tribute to male power: the male is not in the room, yet the women are there for his pleasure. His wealth produces the photograph; his wealth consumes the photograph; he produces and consumes the women. he male defines and controls the idea of the lesbian in the composition of the photograph. In viewing it, he possesses her. The lesbian is colonialized, reduced to a variant of woman-as-sex-object, used to demonstrate and prove that male power pervades and invades even the private sanctuary of women with each other. The power of the male is affirmed as omnipresent and controlling even when the male himself is absent and invisible."
-Andrea Dworkin, Pornography: Men Possessing Women, 1981

@verthandi I think there is a way to do that! /:) By right-clicking the little server icon, going to notification settings, and than selecting "only @mentions"

@verthandi I know, if only everyone were as active on the main site as they are in the Discord! Maybe hop in there if you haven't already? :)

@verthandi good riddance to the bird site! I only have an account to advertise cliterati so lesbians can get off that hellsite.

People who believe that an inverted penis is a vagina, that a male can become female via medical intervention; they really have no right to sneer at christians who claim that woman comes from man's rib. It's all the same misogyny, that classic aristotle, "woman is an incomplete, defective man".

@verthandi "go examine your prostate" i screamed. You weren't too mean queen.
Besides, until the trans community sorts out these creeps and abusers it's up to us to defend ourselves. Don't feel bad.

was a fun one. We watched Bound, which is one of my favorites for its plotline though agree with @les that there are way too many men in this movie (more than 0). It's a good movie, with an attractive butch main character who could def have been given more screentime. It was made *before* The Wachowski Brothers trooned out. Oh, and also we got a femme in the more dom position for once. 馃槒鈥

so as always was bomb! bound had me on the edge of my seat. i loved the drama and the twists and turns. i was rooting for the lead couple in almost no time. though there were a lot more men than i typically prefer in my lesbian movies the plot sucked me in. i was also swooning over the tattooed muscular tomboy the whole movie. :blobheartcat:

without spoiling too much: movie about women in love tricking mobsters AND getting their happily ever after in the process? *chef's kiss* beautiful.

Welcome to Cliterati @Judah_Idris_Buckner ! We're happy to have you here with us and we hope that you find Cliterati to be the space you wished to experience! :labrys:

"Male power is the raison d'锚tre of pornography; the degradation of the female is the means of achieving this power." -Andrea Dworkin

Bisexuals be like "ugh mean lesbians won't date me & I can't find a single woman to date" and then immediately settle for Jake from state farm instead of actually putting effort into meeting women.

I just don't believe y'all love women the same as we do. 馃ゴ

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