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This woman I like just said that I'm "strong like Kimya Dawson" and if that's not the gayest compliment I've ever heard idk what is. Still glowing from it though.

Dude with a crush on me decided to hit me in the back of the head with a microscope case.

He got kicked in the shin before the professor told him off. :Bobbitt:

Took me back to fuckin' high school.
Why are men trash?

This is a big problem with the trans community. They often seek out validation, in contrast to the gay community where you're taught to accept and love yourself and look inside yourself for validation. It is nobody's job to validate you. You don't get to control how other people view you and those people's opinions of you, you only get to choose how you see yourself and how you view other people. You are not that entitled, and it's incredibly narcissistic to make others validate you.

I am GNC (gender non-conforming) and I like both she/her and they/them. But people have the right to call me whatever they want. I do not control other people. I can't force them to validate me but that's okay because I am valid, secure in my identity, and love myself. This sort of thing is not okay to teach young kids and teens and people in general, especially AFAB people who are forced to validate others at a young age.

Do not seek out validation from other people or you end up always seeking validation and something like "wrong word used" will mentally drain and hurt you.

So say you prefer they/them, but be mature enough to realize that you can only control how others will view you to a point. You don't have the right to demand validation of other people, and it's not "literal violence" to be "misgendered".

If you want to know what literal violence against the LGBT community is, look up Matthew Shepard and Brandon Teena. Realize that transwomen are murdered by men and only men because these men assume that transwomen are homosexual men. That being effeminate means you're a "fag" to these male killers and that's why transwomen are murdered. It's more likely that homophobia, not transphobia kills transwomen.

It it horrible to tell a person with gender dysphoria to seek external validation to alleviate their dysphoria.

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