This is a big problem with the trans community. They often seek out validation, in contrast to the gay community where you're taught to accept and love yourself and look inside yourself for validation. It is nobody's job to validate you. You don't get to control how other people view you and those people's opinions of you, you only get to choose how you see yourself and how you view other people. You are not that entitled, and it's incredibly narcissistic to make others validate you.

I am GNC (gender non-conforming) and I like both she/her and they/them. But people have the right to call me whatever they want. I do not control other people. I can't force them to validate me but that's okay because I am valid, secure in my identity, and love myself. This sort of thing is not okay to teach young kids and teens and people in general, especially AFAB people who are forced to validate others at a young age.

Do not seek out validation from other people or you end up always seeking validation and something like "wrong word used" will mentally drain and hurt you.

So say you prefer they/them, but be mature enough to realize that you can only control how others will view you to a point. You don't have the right to demand validation of other people, and it's not "literal violence" to be "misgendered".

If you want to know what literal violence against the LGBT community is, look up Matthew Shepard and Brandon Teena. Realize that transwomen are murdered by men and only men because these men assume that transwomen are homosexual men. That being effeminate means you're a "fag" to these male killers and that's why transwomen are murdered. It's more likely that homophobia, not transphobia kills transwomen.

It it horrible to tell a person with gender dysphoria to seek external validation to alleviate their dysphoria.

It is Black History month and I must talk to you about one of the most important women in the history of modern science. Her name is Henrietta Lacks and her cells were the first immortal human cells ever grown in culture. Known as "HeLa" cells.

Henrietta Lacks was a poor black tobacco farmer whose cells, taken without her knowledge in 1951, became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, in vitro fertilization, and have aided in cancer research. HeLa cells are still used to study the effects of toxins, drugs, hormones and viruses on the growth of cancer cells. They have been used to test the effects of radiation and poisons, to study the human genome, to learn more about how viruses work, and played a crucial role in the development of the polio vaccine.

The real story behind HeLa cells?

Henrietta Lacks did not consent to her cells being taken and used in this manner, and despite her amazing contribution to science, her family was never compensated.

The HeLa cell line continues to be a source of invaluable medical data to the present day. No consent was obtained to culture her cells, nor were she or her family compensated for their extraction or use. The Lacks family was not made aware of the line's existence until 1975 and its use for medical research and for commercial purposes continues to raise concerns about privacy and patients' rights. In the 1980s, family medical records were published without family consent.

"Ron Lacks, 59, said in an interview: β€œMy father just wants to have some control over what has happened in the past. Even on our family story, we have been shortchanged. . . . The family story, we don’t even own that.”

β€œIt’s not all about the money. My family has had no control of the family story, no control of Henrietta’s body, no control of Henrietta’s cells, which are still living and will make some more tomorrow.”

You can see straight through! Colonies that do this are called beta (Ξ²) hemolytic, this means that the bacteria completely lysed the blood cells contained in the Blood Agar Plate (BAP).

Lysing is the breaking down of the cell, often by viral, enzymic, or osmotic mechanisms that compromise its integrity.

Alpha (Ξ±) hemolysis is partial (not really see-through) and is more yellow in color.
Gamma (Ξ³) hemolysis is the lack of hemolysis.

Using a pipette, the blood is placed into a reagent disc, and run in our "Piccolo Xpress" chemistry analyzer lab instrument.

Today we're running Lipid panels in lab. First, those who wanted to were allowed to draw blood for it. We drew on each other.
This is my blood in a lithium heparin vacutainer tube. In the second picture you can more clearly see the plasma separation.

tonight we watched If These Walls Could Talk 2!

So many important issues tackled in this film. From being closeted, a grieving lesbian fighting for her right to be recognized as the wife of her lifelong partner, to feminists turning their backs on lesbians who fought for feminist rights, to prejudice against our butch women.

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