From Twitter user @leaderjoohyunie:

Lesbian Chinese Billionaires, Yu Shuxin and Zhao Xiaotang, marry. With a combined networth of $250 BILLION, this makes them the richest couple alive.

My OSINT talk in AltSpaceVR with defcongroups went fantastic yesterday, and I made some great connections! One of my professors even attended my talk, and another DC574 member. Happy to have been able to attend DEF CON again in some way this year! :squiddy:

ASJDKGAKJSD 馃槀鈥婭..became a beach ball by accident learning how to use AltSpaceVR for my presentation

In other news, I'm sad that bisexuals bullied RachelMComedy off of Twitter for talking about how bisexual women prey on young women WITH and/or FOR their male partners and that being aligned with heterosexuality gives one power that gay people do not have.

I enjoyed her comedy.

last night we watched Saving Face! Saving Face focuses on Wilhelmina, a young Chinese-American surgeon who is a lesbian, her dancer girlfriend, and her unwed, pregnant mother. It's one of my favorites but man, I forgot the amount of racism in this movie regarding the interactions between Wil's mom and her friend Jay. This racism vanishes little by little as the movie progresses and Wil's mom becomes friends with Jay and overcomes her bias, but still not sure how I feel about it. Though, it IS an accurate portrayal of racism in East-Asian communities.

I did enjoy the overall story line of the movie and how it is equally about Wil's mom's struggle with her pregnancy and romance, as it is about Wil's struggle with her girlfriend, Vivian.

Overall, a good watch and it has comedic value.

I tried to doodle my squid but accidentally doodled zoidberg because why not zoidberg

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Our movie night tonight is a double feature, and part of our support for Black Lives Matter. The movies are The Watermelon Woman and Pariah. Black lesbian lives matter today as they do every single day. It was Storm茅 DeLarverie, a black butch lesbian who started the Stonewall riots.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting that took place in Orlando.

Today, we remember the victims and their families.
Homophobia is still very much alive today.

It is *very* important that the LGBT community is a community in which lesbians feel safe and welcome.

That is why we strive to end lesbophobia within our own community. That is why we call out the "cotton ceiling" ideology and the appropriation of lesbian identity by male people and people who are not exclusively same-sex attracted.

We are all Orlando.

Side note:

To those who call this the "biggest shooting in U.S. history" please do not forget our indigenous peoples massacred at Wounded Knee.

Do not forget the brutality against people of color as you show support for the LGBT community.

Cliterati movie night this saturday!

We watch lesbian or feminist movies and use the Kast software to broadcast the movie.

The movie this week is
Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang (2012)

Based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, and true to the novel when compared to the 1996 movie version.

:squiddy: THANK YOU :squidlove:

Thank you to those of who have stuck around, we will continue to grow and improve as the only female-only lesbian platform featuring verification.

Thank you to the mod team @Butch and @xyalhawke for taking important votes and providing moral support. A special shout-out to @Esa_Juanita for translating our abridged code of conduct into Spanish. Gracias!


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In the next few weeks, Cliterati will feature new site themes, new emoji packs, and will once more have regular movie nights.

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