Our movie night tonight is a double feature, and part of our support for Black Lives Matter. The movies are The Watermelon Woman and Pariah. Black lesbian lives matter today as they do every single day. It was Storm茅 DeLarverie, a black butch lesbian who started the Stonewall riots.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting that took place in Orlando.

Today, we remember the victims and their families.
Homophobia is still very much alive today.

It is *very* important that the LGBT community is a community in which lesbians feel safe and welcome.

That is why we strive to end lesbophobia within our own community. That is why we call out the "cotton ceiling" ideology and the appropriation of lesbian identity by male people and people who are not exclusively same-sex attracted.

We are all Orlando.

Side note:

To those who call this the "biggest shooting in U.S. history" please do not forget our indigenous peoples massacred at Wounded Knee.

Do not forget the brutality against people of color as you show support for the LGBT community.

Cliterati movie night this saturday!

We watch lesbian or feminist movies and use the Kast software to broadcast the movie.

The movie this week is
Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang (2012)

Based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, and true to the novel when compared to the 1996 movie version.

:squiddy: THANK YOU :squidlove:

Thank you to those of who have stuck around, we will continue to grow and improve as the only female-only lesbian platform featuring verification.

Thank you to the mod team @Butch and @xyalhawke for taking important votes and providing moral support. A special shout-out to @Esa_Juanita for translating our abridged code of conduct into Spanish. Gracias!


Cliterati is now hosted offshore. We have DDoS protection from our provider, but we are in the process of adding additional protection and security to our server.

Cliterati now features a mail server for its members. Protected from spam and DKIM-signed, it passes with a 10/10 score on mail-tester. Check it out:


Cliterati can now be accessed via Tor, on our v3 .onion address. I'm working through some redirects at the moment, so if it won't work for you make sure that you are accessing the http version of the site, it will sometimes try to to redirect you to https at the moment.

Visit us via Tor:

Cliterati features both automatic backups via our hosting provider, and daily automatic offline backups on a Raspberry Pi equipped with a Zymkey, using LUKS & dm-crypt.

Users are now verified via our own Jitsi configuration hosted on our server.

In the next few weeks, Cliterati will feature new site themes, new emoji packs, and will once more have regular movie nights.

You can now read all about The Cliterati Project at and our upcoming podcast:




Mfw Cliterati is still a female-only instance for lesbians, and people blocking us stay mad about it.

Monday April 20, until Sunday April 26 is LESBIAN VISIBILITY WEEK! :lesbianpride: :labrys: :lesbicat:

Let's give a roar for lesbians! What will you do this week to raise visibility? I'm going to be posting across social media, and talking to my friends and family about what being a lesbian means.

Cards against humanity with the gynes tonight and I completely lost my shit at this one. :rofl:

Cliterati from a day or two ago, featuring The Truth About Jane. This is a coming-of-age story and revolves around a young lesbian named Jane, who falls in love with the new girl in town and has to navigate the complexities of her first love, and the turmoil that enters her life before (and certainly after) coming out to her homophobic family, including isolation at school and bigotry all around.

This movie is still very relevant today, and the acting is well done, portraying the young lesbian dealing with isolation and heart break, and the well-meaning but ignorant family. The movie also features the acting of Rupaul (it seems a lot of gay and lesbian movies in the 90s and early 2000s featured his acting).

The pride parade at the end brings me back to the pictures taken of those in the early 2000s, and the general attitude that was still prevalent in the LGBT community when I came out in 2008. One of community and mutual understanding.

This movie very accurately captures the feeling of being "other" and the struggle that comes with it, the stereotypes and the sadness of isolation. At the same time it also portrays self-acceptance and the importance of fighting for our right to exist and to love. All part of a journey.

I sent out a message about forming a study group for the women in my cohort, and they were all on board except for this one chick who was like "Cool! I invited my boyfriend." She threw a tantrum when I was like "it's for the women in the cohort" (you know, like I said in the initial message I sent out).

I can't stand Hetty Betties.
No, your Nigel isn't invited. Stay mad.

Actually? Your butthurt led you to comment on a Cliterati post that was not a part of Spinster. Meaning *you* came here. You were shut down when *you* tried to be condescending and act like a woman of color who did not agree with you defending right-wing politics was a child. Fuck off my platform, we don't tolerate misogyny here.

Cliterati movie night!
Tonight we watched the timeless classic "But I'm A Cheerleader!" And it reminded me of how I feel heterosexuals act with all of the deliberate gender roles and pink/blue gendered expectations. Feels really fake in a way, and like heterosexuals aren't self aware enough to break free of that mold. It also reminds me of how they constantly accuse gay people of flaunting our sexuality when really..straight sexuality is everywhere and frequently flaunted, which to me feels unnatural and strange. Heavy feelings from a light-hearted comedy!

Good morning gynes, you are all loved and valid and I see your struggle and you're not alone :squidlove:. Cliterati Tech is working on changes and improvements for you. There have been a few minor setbacks but I promise you that we're building this community together, step by step.

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