Woke homophobia: A lot of straight and bisexual people, especially those who are white, seem to use the transgender debate as a way to be homophobic (lesbophobic in particular). When done against homosexuals of color this can also be deemed "subtle" racism.

@Squiddy the number one thing that irks me is how people compare literal men to lesbian women of color as an attempted gotcha.

miss me with that "if black women are women then so are trans women" bull. women are female! woc being treated like they're masculine because of ethnocentric beauty standards isn't the same thing at all. i'm tired of white people appropriating poc struggles to guilt women into saying we're the same as males. we're not.


@les truth! It's always black women in particular they compare to literal men who self-ID. Their racism shows up every single time. From stealing the Black Lives Matter slogan to turn it into trans lives matter, and now comparing black women to trans-identified men. I can't with this white BS.

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