A big announcement for Cliterati's feature update! We have combined Glitch-soc's version of Mastodon with Fedibird's quote-posting feature, and egypturnash's custom character limit for a feature-rich experience.

First of all, our themes are back!
You can select them by going to Preferences > Flavours > Glitch Edition and selecting the theme or "skin" from the drop-down menu. We currently have 6 different "skins" for you to choose from, and there are more planned.

Please do not use the Vanilla Mastodon Flavour, as the skins selected there will break your interface and you will have to go back and select the Glitch flavor's skins. I'll be removing this flavor.

Cliterati now has the ability to quote a user's status, like on birdsite. click the double-quote icon on a post to quote it, but be aware that at this current time the user will not be alerted to the fact that you have quoted them. We want to work on adding in a notification for this in the future. There's still a bit of squiggly/messy content we'll remove so it looks nicer.

There is now a “threaded mode” feature added to the compose interface. This eases writing “threads” of several splats and makes creating threads easier, like on birdsite.

Ability to clear notifications
You can now do this by clicking on the eraser icon when you're viewing your notifications, and selecting the notifications to be deleted.

*Enhanced text formatting for posts: *
You can now use bold, italics, even create lists and display blocks of code.

There are 3 options:
Plain text: splats are treated like in vanilla Mastodon, and are not formatted
Markdown: splats can be written in Markdown, as understood by Redcarpet
HTML: splats are written directly in HTML (but sanitized to strip any unsupported formatting)

You can write splats in Markdown or HTML from the glitch flavor by first enabling “Show content-type choice when authoring toots” in the “Compose box” tab of the app settings. Then, for each splat, you can select whether you want to want to author them in Plain text, Markdown or HTML by using the content-type drop-down. You can also set your default content-type from user settings.

Improved filters:
You can hide filtered posts completely, show a "filtered" placeholder, show the "filtered" placeholder with a button to display why, or still display the post and add the filtered words to the content warning. You can do this all from the "filters" option of app settings.

Collapsible posts:
You can choose which splats to collapse, or enable/disable collapsed posts from your app settings. You can do the same with notifications.

You can doodle!!
A neat feature of glitch-soc! Click on the paperclip icon on the compose-box and you will see a "draw something" option that will allow you to create and post a doodle!

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Security and privacy enhancements:

Local-only posts
Cliterati now features a "local-only" option for posts. Users of various fediverse platforms have voiced privacy complaints because they delete a post and it still exists on another platform. This way, your post is local-only and will not propagate elsewhere. Be careful using this for quote-posts as I'm not sure if they will show up elsewhere since we hacked that feature to work with glitch-soc. You can toggle this option on in the compose-box options. Be aware that appending the eye emoji at the very end of the splat may not make it local-only on Cliterati like it does on glitch-soc.

Misleading links are now highlighted, we now display the target domain of any link that does not unambiguously start with it, in order to avoid misleading links such as spoofing attempts. You can disable this from app settings, but why would you?

Hide your user follower count
You can opt to hide your own follower count from “Preferences > Other” Settings. This will hide your followers, but still display other people's follower count.

Post visibility Markers
We now have visibility markers, this will allow you to see if a splat is public, or private in your timeline. The boost icon never changes, but goes dim when the button is disabled. Instead, a new icon was added to the right top of each post, identical to the icon in the visibility picker you used to compose the post. You can make these icons more colorful from your app settings, which I think is pretty neat.

Upcoming privacy Enhancements
Using Tanker, I will also be encrypting all user DMs, offering an extra layer of privacy. This will also mean that admins will not have the ability to read your DMs even when viewing our database directly.

I have now also opted all users out of search-engine indexing by default. You can change this setting for yourself, if you wish.

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