We are a group of lesbian feminists of color.

No, we will not allow right-wing ideology as the right has not, and will never truly be, on the side of women and girls.

We will not compromise our morals for the voices of men and male people.

We will not permit homophobia and racism on our platform. We will not allow the shaming of detrans women.

If you wish to compromise your morals for the sake of belonging to a larger group, Cliterati is not the place for you.

We believe in forging our own path with a strong community versus a larger community that faces a divide.

This is who the Cliterati are.

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Cliterati is a female-only (AFAB) public forum created by female homosexuals/ lesbians of color, primarily serving female homosexuals (lesbians, studs, tortilleras, butches, femmes, gay women, or whatever label you prefer) of color including detransitioned, transmen, or however else you identify. Straight and white women are also allowed, as long as they follow our simple rules.

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