Hello World!

Welcome to, a woman-run instance for women!

Here, women are free to speak their mind without fear of the ban hammer. Check our rules for content that is not permitted on

* Our moderation and tech teams are female-only and made up of lesbians, women of color, and detransitioners.

* All of our users are โ€œverifiedโ€ users, we donโ€™t use pretentious checkmarks here.

* You will soon be able to use our v3 .onion hidden service.

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Cliterati is a female-only (AFAB) public forum created by female homosexuals/ lesbians of color, primarily serving female homosexuals (lesbians, studs, tortilleras, butches, femmes, gay women, or whatever label you prefer) of color including detransitioned, transmen, or however else you identify. Straight and white women are also allowed, as long as they follow our simple rules.

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