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If you wish to enter via our "buddy system" then you must have your "buddy" who is already verified on Cliterati send us an email to with your username and the email that you used to sign up, stating that you are their "buddy recommendation".

Here is the template for the email to request buddy approval:

Subject: Buddy System

Hello, I am [username], I would like to refer [username]/[email] as my buddy.

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Cliterati is a lesbian platform open to radical feminists and allies.

The difference is that we're not open to racists or homophobes.

This is because we choose to center lesbian women of color, female detransitioners, and dysphoric women.

It's simple.

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Hello World!

Welcome to, a woman-run instance for women!

Here, women are free to speak their mind without fear of the ban hammer. Check our rules for content that is not permitted on

* Our moderation and tech teams are female-only and made up of lesbians, women of color, and detransitioners.

* All of our users are β€œverified” users, we don’t use pretentious checkmarks here.

* You will soon be able to use our v3 .onion hidden service.

:squiddy: THANK YOU :squidlove:

Thank you to those of who have stuck around, we will continue to grow and improve as the only female-only lesbian platform featuring verification.

Thank you to the mod team @Butch and @xyalhawke for taking important votes and providing moral support. A special shout-out to @Esa_Juanita for translating our abridged code of conduct into Spanish. Gracias!


Cliterati is now hosted offshore. We have DDoS protection from our provider, but we are in the process of adding additional protection and security to our server.

Cliterati now features a mail server for its members. Protected from spam and DKIM-signed, it passes with a 10/10 score on mail-tester. Check it out:

Cliterati can now be accessed via Tor, on our v3 .onion address. I'm working through some redirects at the moment, so if it won't work for you make sure that you are accessing the http version of the site, it will sometimes try to to redirect you to https at the moment.

Visit us via Tor:

Cliterati features both automatic backups via our hosting provider, and daily automatic offline backups on a Raspberry Pi equipped with a Zymkey, using LUKS & dm-crypt.

Users are now verified via our own Jitsi configuration hosted on our server.

In the next few weeks, Cliterati will feature new site themes, new emoji packs, and will once more have regular movie nights.

You can now read all about The Cliterati Project at and our upcoming podcast:

If you’re a student under school surveillance, it’s important to understand how you’re being tracked and how your privacy is affected.

It sure feels great not to suck up to right wing males and excuse their racism and homophobia.

If you think female separationists are exactly like incels and MGTOWs, you are either an idiot or a misogynist or maybe you are both.

And we're back! An announcement will be made later with the changes made, and the changes planned. :tysquid:

Mfw Cliterati is still a female-only instance for lesbians, and people blocking us stay mad about it.

My white friends are mad that they can't go to Target.

Meanwhile, The Navajo Nation has an infection rate ~10 times higher than that of neighboring Arizona and the third-highest infection rate in the country. Average age of those who have died is 65.

Elders are dying.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Indian Health Board asked for COVID-19 supplies, PPE, and test kits. They received body bags instead.

Placing a critique towards women is not sowing division or being a misogynist. If a woman acts in a way that benefits our male dominated societies, it needs to be looked at. Ignoring how women dominate other women is what causes division.

Detrans women deserve time to figure out themselves and to not be used as a pawn for anyone's argument.

We got our SMTP server up!!
α•™( * β€’Μ€ α—œ ‒́ * )α•—
Soon no more Postmark!

Good afternoon Cliterati. It is another excellent day on a female-only lesbian platform. :lesbianpride:

The write-up is complete and has been distributed to the users of Cliterati.

Now I can get back to work.
The write-up is currently in progress, I'm sifting through months of chat logs bit by bit. We also added our first new mod who is learning the CoC and the fundamentals of what team work actually work.

We start our move to a new server soon, now that work can actually get done without interruptions.


Lmao the mods I kicked had their token good boy message me. I have provided a rough translation for those who have trouble reading skid.
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Cliterati is a female-only public forum created by lesbians for lesbians. Centering lesbian women of color, lesbian detransitioners, and butch lesbians. we feature a custom 4K character limit, themes, emojis, and an anti-racist, anti-homophobic code of conduct. Open to allies.