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Cliterati is a lesbian-only platform open to radical feminists.

The difference is that we're not open to racists or homophobes.

This is because we choose to center lesbians of color, as well as detrans and dysphoric women.

It's simple.

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You can customize your picture, bio, and banner by clicking on your profile and then on the button that says "edit profile." You can also change these details by going to preferences on the right-hand panel, and then "profile." You can also lock your account to make it private here.


Home: The home feed features accounts that you follow.
Local: Cliterati user posts only.
Federated: Posts from the other servers that we interact with. You can follow any user you see in the public timeline too!

You can also use the search bar above the compose box to search for accounts on other servers.


Like on Twitter, you can lock your profile and posts to followers only, or just lock certain posts! So, on these servers (servers in the "fediverse" like Cliterati), content that you post will appear on other servers! It's connected like a web! Hence "federated." But Cliterati has a feature you can toggle on where your posts will ONLY appear to Cliterati users! That's the "local-only" option. Local is us, Cliterati users! Though if someone visits your profile specifically they can still view these, unless you have these posts or your profile locked to "followers only." You can select local-only by clicking the three dots on the compose box. You can also choose to direct message someone from the compose box. You can toggle your post (called "splats" on Cliterati, and sometimes "toots") visibility by clicking the globe icon on the compose box. In addition, all posts you see will have icons in the top-right corner showing you if they're public, unlisted, a direct message to you, or locked to followers only! The globe icon at the top of a post means that post is public! You can apply the 鈥渃ontent warning鈥 feature from your compose box to hide your post and give users a warning, so they will have to click to see it. We have a "threaded mode" you can access by using the three dots on the box as well, this will help you easily create a thread.

Posts that are very long you will have to click the double arrow in the top-right to see, or click that arrow to collapse a post. You can upload an image, file, or video using the paperclip on the compose box.

There are a lot more features for you to discover from the "app settings" on the right-hand panel.

Cliterati also has two-step verification! To enable 2-step verification, go to preferences in the right-hand panel, then under account click "two-factor auth" to toggle this feature on. You'll have to download an OTP app like FreeOTP to generate a log-in token each time you log in.


  • You "like" a post by clicking the star to favorite it.
  • A "boost" is the same as a retweet.
  • click the arrow to reply.
  • click the quotation mark to quote a post. Users will not currently be notified if you quote them.
  • click the little flag to bookmark the post.-click the three dots to copy a link, report a post, block or mute a user, or DM them.

Want to make Cliterati pretty for you? You can do this by going to preferences, flavours, and then Glitch Edition and use the drop-down menu there to select a "skin" or theme for Cliterati. We currently have 8 themes, 6 of which are unique to Cliterati.

Themes unique to Cliterati:

-Cliterati (that's our classic blue)
-H4CK3R (a stereotypical "hacker" theme, easiest on the eyes and my favorite)
-DeepSea (a chill theme with an underwater vibe)
-Halloween (our Halloween theme)
-Forest (a very chill, relaxing forest theme)
-BLACKPINK (a theme featuring the women from the K-pop group, Blackpink)

Themes that come built-in:

  • High Contrast (pretty much a dark theme)
  • Mastodon Light (a standard light theme)

The "default" theme option is just high contrast (I think).

DO NOT select the Vanilla Mastodon flavour as that will break your interface and you will have to change it back, I'm working on removing this.

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Security and privacy enhancements:

Local-only posts
Cliterati now features a "local-only" option for posts. Users of various fediverse platforms have voiced privacy complaints because they delete a post and it still exists on another platform. This way, your post is local-only and will not propagate elsewhere. Be careful using this for quote-posts as I'm not sure if they will show up elsewhere since we hacked that feature to work with glitch-soc. You can toggle this option on in the compose-box options. Be aware that appending the eye emoji at the very end of the splat may not make it local-only on Cliterati like it does on glitch-soc.

Misleading links are now highlighted, we now display the target domain of any link that does not unambiguously start with it, in order to avoid misleading links such as spoofing attempts. You can disable this from app settings, but why would you?

Hide your user follower count
You can opt to hide your own follower count from 鈥淧references > Other鈥 Settings. This will hide your followers, but still display other people's follower count.

Post visibility Markers
We now have visibility markers, this will allow you to see if a splat is public, or private in your timeline. The boost icon never changes, but goes dim when the button is disabled. Instead, a new icon was added to the right top of each post, identical to the icon in the visibility picker you used to compose the post. You can make these icons more colorful from your app settings, which I think is pretty neat.

Upcoming privacy Enhancements
Using Tanker, I will also be encrypting all user DMs, offering an extra layer of privacy. This will also mean that admins will not have the ability to read your DMs even when viewing our database directly.

I have now also opted all users out of search-engine indexing by default. You can change this setting for yourself, if you wish.

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A big announcement for Cliterati's feature update! We have combined Glitch-soc's version of Mastodon with Fedibird's quote-posting feature, and egypturnash's custom character limit for a feature-rich experience.

First of all, our themes are back!
You can select them by going to Preferences > Flavours > Glitch Edition and selecting the theme or "skin" from the drop-down menu. We currently have 6 different "skins" for you to choose from, and there are more planned.

Please do not use the Vanilla Mastodon Flavour, as the skins selected there will break your interface and you will have to go back and select the Glitch flavor's skins. I'll be removing this flavor.

Cliterati now has the ability to quote a user's status, like on birdsite. click the double-quote icon on a post to quote it, but be aware that at this current time the user will not be alerted to the fact that you have quoted them. We want to work on adding in a notification for this in the future. There's still a bit of squiggly/messy content we'll remove so it looks nicer.

There is now a 鈥渢hreaded mode鈥 feature added to the compose interface. This eases writing 鈥渢hreads鈥 of several splats and makes creating threads easier, like on birdsite.

Ability to clear notifications
You can now do this by clicking on the eraser icon when you're viewing your notifications, and selecting the notifications to be deleted.

*Enhanced text formatting for posts: *
You can now use bold, italics, even create lists and display blocks of code.

There are 3 options:
Plain text: splats are treated like in vanilla Mastodon, and are not formatted
Markdown: splats can be written in Markdown, as understood by Redcarpet
HTML: splats are written directly in HTML (but sanitized to strip any unsupported formatting)

You can write splats in Markdown or HTML from the glitch flavor by first enabling 鈥淪how content-type choice when authoring toots鈥 in the 鈥淐ompose box鈥 tab of the app settings. Then, for each splat, you can select whether you want to want to author them in Plain text, Markdown or HTML by using the content-type drop-down. You can also set your default content-type from user settings.

Improved filters:
You can hide filtered posts completely, show a "filtered" placeholder, show the "filtered" placeholder with a button to display why, or still display the post and add the filtered words to the content warning. You can do this all from the "filters" option of app settings.

Collapsible posts:
You can choose which splats to collapse, or enable/disable collapsed posts from your app settings. You can do the same with notifications.

You can doodle!!
A neat feature of glitch-soc! Click on the paperclip icon on the compose-box and you will see a "draw something" option that will allow you to create and post a doodle!

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Cliterati is now hosted offshore. We have DDoS protection from our provider, but we are in the process of adding additional protection and security to our server.

Cliterati now features a mail server for its members. Protected from spam and DKIM-signed, it passes with a 10/10 score on mail-tester. Check it out:

Cliterati can now be accessed via Tor, on our v3 .onion address. I'm working through some redirects at the moment, so if it won't work for you make sure that you are accessing the http version of the site, it will sometimes try to to redirect you to https at the moment.

Visit us via Tor:

Cliterati features both automatic backups via our hosting provider, and daily automatic offline backups on a Raspberry Pi equipped with a Zymkey, using LUKS & dm-crypt.

Users are now verified via our own Jitsi configuration hosted on our server.

In the next few weeks, Cliterati will feature new site themes, new emoji packs, and will once more have regular movie nights.

You can now read all about The Cliterati Project at and our upcoming podcast:

"The photograph is the ultimate tribute to male power: the male is not in the room, yet the women are there for his pleasure. His wealth produces the photograph; his wealth consumes the photograph; he produces and consumes the women. he male defines and controls the idea of the lesbian in the composition of the photograph. In viewing it, he possesses her. The lesbian is colonialized, reduced to a variant of woman-as-sex-object, used to demonstrate and prove that male power pervades and invades even the private sanctuary of women with each other. The power of the male is affirmed as omnipresent and controlling even when the male himself is absent and invisible."
-Andrea Dworkin, Pornography: Men Possessing Women, 1981

People who believe that an inverted penis is a vagina, that a male can become female via medical intervention; they really have no right to sneer at christians who claim that woman comes from man's rib. It's all the same misogyny, that classic aristotle, "woman is an incomplete, defective man".

was a fun one. We watched Bound, which is one of my favorites for its plotline though agree with @les that there are way too many men in this movie (more than 0). It's a good movie, with an attractive butch main character who could def have been given more screentime. It was made *before* The Wachowski Brothers trooned out. Oh, and also we got a femme in the more dom position for once. 馃槒鈥

so as always was bomb! bound had me on the edge of my seat. i loved the drama and the twists and turns. i was rooting for the lead couple in almost no time. though there were a lot more men than i typically prefer in my lesbian movies the plot sucked me in. i was also swooning over the tattooed muscular tomboy the whole movie. :blobheartcat:

without spoiling too much: movie about women in love tricking mobsters AND getting their happily ever after in the process? *chef's kiss* beautiful.

Welcome to Cliterati @Judah_Idris_Buckner ! We're happy to have you here with us and we hope that you find Cliterati to be the space you wished to experience! :labrys:

"Male power is the raison d'锚tre of pornography; the degradation of the female is the means of achieving this power." -Andrea Dworkin

Bisexuals be like "ugh mean lesbians won't date me & I can't find a single woman to date" and then immediately settle for Jake from state farm instead of actually putting effort into meeting women.

I just don't believe y'all love women the same as we do. 馃ゴ

i said i wanted a loud and proud lesbian space but that wont include you if you're racist or misogynist.

love being able to say whatever the fuck i want here

so anyways bihet isn't a slur and if you're bisexual in a hetero relationship you should 100% be aware of your privilege

anyway I have and they are this: men are evil and bad, males should be aborted, you shouldn鈥檛 be able to run for president if you鈥檙e over 62, or if you鈥檙e a male, and also lesbian supremacy now

whats that adjective for a really absorbent pussy? vascuous? help me out here queens

Oh you're male?
You had "feminist" in your bio so I was confused considering as how men cannot be feminists.

i have simply stopped giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks about me

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Cliterati is a female-only public forum created by lesbians for lesbians. Centering lesbians of color, lesbian detransitioners, and butch lesbians. we feature a custom 4K character limit, themes, emojis, and an anti-racist, anti-homophobic code of conduct. Lesbian-only.