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If you wish to enter via our "buddy system" then you must have your "buddy" who is already verified on Cliterati send us an email to [email protected] with your username and the email that you used to sign up, stating that you are their "buddy recommendation".

Here is the template for the email to request buddy approval:

To: [email protected]
Subject: Buddy System

Hello, I am [username], I would like to refer [username]/[email] as my buddy.

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If you don't wish to speak English during your video verification process, you don't have to! We'll make do. You can also request to speak to one of our moderators who speaks your native language. So far we have mods fluent in:

Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and German.

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Cliterati is a lesbian platform open to radical feminists and allies.

The difference is that we're not open to racists or homophobes.

This is because we choose to center lesbian women of color, female detransitioners, and dysphoric women.

It's simple.

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Hello World!

Welcome to, a woman-run instance for women!

Here, women are free to speak their mind without fear of the ban hammer. Check our rules for content that is not permitted on

* Our moderation and tech teams are female-only and made up of lesbians, women of color, and detransitioners.

* All of our users are β€œverified” users, we don’t use pretentious checkmarks here.

* You will soon be able to use our v3 .onion hidden service.

Me: I got 50 Pringles in my mouth using only my tongue

Can’t wait until I never have to live with men again 😌😌

A rant from a couple days ago, Stories of Lesbians from Small Towns and Villages

We watched a documentary on Indian lesbian couples in rural areas. The documentary included an inter-caste lesbian relationship, the topic of "corrective rape" that one of the women had suffered through, and a double-suicide committed by a lesbian couple as recently as 2018 because they felt they had nowhere to go and the world wouldn't let them be together.

Documentaries like this, that showcase the real struggle of homosexuals around the word, in particular lesbians, is why the hissy fit the trans community throws when you won't deny reality to call them what they demand to be called, is even more narcissistic and self-centered than some are willing to admit. It's also why heterosexual couples who call themselves "queer" are the worst scum. They live in a land of privilege and comfort that real homosexuals never can, and appropriate the LGBT community to suit their own desire to be "special" and "different" in their mind, and have zero experience of what it is actually like to be gay. The entitlement is deeply disturbing.

These people should sit down for a long history lesson, so that they can learn why appropriation and forced validation is wrong.

Homosexuals did not want your validation. We wanted the right to not be discriminated against, and we wanted the same rights as everyone else, nothing more and nothing less. We did not deny reality and force others to lie about our sex, we were okay with being different. That is where "we're here, we're queer, get used to it!" comes from, before the term queer was appropriated. It meant we are fine with being "other" but that you may not discriminate against us.

Actual gay people still suffer the world over in ways that self-labeled "queer" people never will.

As a matter of fact, the trans community in India had more rights than actual homosexuals long before Section 377 was abolished.

#MovieNight Stories of Lesbians from Small Towns and Villages (spoilers, personal ramblings and reflections, very long) 

I know a lot of women only put on makeup/shave when they have to see others, so I am PRAYING that the weeks spent in this quarantine will get more women used to seeing their own natural faces, hair, and bodies.

Cliterati is what you make of it, don't forget to:

- follow users
- post your content
- comment on content

I know we all love the Discord, but those 1286197467912 messages could fit on here too!

Hey gynes don't forget:

1) To eat and be kind to yourself.
2) To rest when you need it.
3) To drink water.
4) To pee after sex.
5) To demand respect.

Chick created so much tension that the one chick who hadn't joined didn't join and is now going to miss out on a beneficial study group. This is how het chicks who aren't allowed to think without their boyfriend ruin it for the other women and why female separatism and lesbian-only spaces are needed.

I sent out a message about forming a study group for the women in my cohort, and they were all on board except for this one chick who was like "Cool! I invited my boyfriend." She threw a tantrum when I was like "it's for the women in the cohort" (you know, like I said in the initial message I sent out).

I can't stand Hetty Betties.
No, your Nigel isn't invited. Stay mad.

So funny to see Alex Gleason openly retoot from Nazis when just a few months ago many women were called hysterical and cluster b's for not trusting him.

Hate me, hate me, still tryna replace me

Chase me, chase me, tell me how you hate me

Erase me, erase me, wish you never dated me

Lies, tell me lies, baby, tell me how you hate me

Feeling so blessed to be part of such a lovely community

I am MAD. I know this has been spoken about ad naseum but I just want to buy some fucking peppers and dried beans. This virus situation wouldn't be so bad if people didn't immediately revert to lizard brains that make them act beyond basic consideration for others.

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