All of this.

*AfterEllen does not use the word queer to describe lesbians. This term is being used here only and specifically to reference self-described queer people and their community.

Hello my cliterati sisters. Been yapping on the bird site today.

Posted with profound sadness. Sisters, if you are feeling overwhelmed: We Are Here For You. Find your Older sisters, or contact a bestie you can lean on. Many lesbians your own age are also willing to help you, or help you get the assistance you need. Don't hesitate, reach out.

As promised. Here is a start. Re: feminist literature, and it's freely available!

The Complete Works of Andrea Dworkin | Radical Feminist Archives

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" #ThankABoomer Calls Out Feminism's Age Problem" new post by @mk

"The work of women from previous generations is constantly written off as not woke enough, problematic, or otherwise held to an impossible and anachronistic standard. Meanwhile, the needs of aging women are largely ignored."

AE owners and editor at King Princess concert. Also ran into a couple of lesbians we knew of previously from the internet.

I have several feminist writings in my g drive if anyone is interested, I'll post the titles and if they want them, I'll put up links. Pretty sure they are in the public domain.

Hello sisters. Nicely quiet night. I don't like drama!

Hi all. I'm currently suspended on Twotter. I haven't decided if I'm going to take the tweet down.

Hi all! I'm busy organizing stuff I brought home from my office. I have a transfer at work for the time being.

Squiddy - is there a way to combine/harmonize my spinster account with this one?

Hi everyone! My DIY dyke mode kicked in this morning, and I'm continuing my flooring project. I had to stop to take my daughter to swim. Yes - I'm a dyke with a wife and a kid.

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