Thinking about the fact that we're all squiddy

Seriously though wouldn't it have been easier for several people to pretend to be on person and themselves (creating a squiddy persona along with normal accounts) than one person pretend to be several people

@Butch but that wouldn't have been something squiddy would do, would it squiddy?

@Butch she even made intricate personalities and hobbies for each of us, her mind

@beep why'd she give me the dumbass spongebob obsessed personality????
I want a refund @Squiddy

@Butch @Squiddy why am I obsessed with the sims, that's so lame. Make better character arcs 貌_贸

@Butch @beep I had to have like one Zoomer obsessed with memes and spongebob, sorry.

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