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Trans men that may be lurking: you are welcome here. I personally strive to make sure Cliterati is inclusive to all females who follow the CoC, and I want everyone here to have a voice

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Hey if I ever go too far in teasing please let me know, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings and will immediately stop

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Hey its club time ladies!
Creation Club!
I know the names ugly I'm working on it
The point of the club is to bring radfem/radfem adjacent/female art to the spotlight and hopefully inspire others to create their own!
Anything that you can make counts, from art to code to dance to poetry to narrative. It doesnt even have to be radfem or female related, it just has to follow our CoC to be in the club
Anyone female can join the club, though it's primarily for Cliterati users (I may make one for Spinster if this garners any attention)
Tag your stuff with and make sure to comment on and like other posts!

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just finished this :D i might want to make a pair of bloomers for her later, but... i'm happy with her for now!!

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We did it gyns. The xbox reached its destination undiscovered πŸ˜Žβ€‹

Hey how do you hide the fact that you purchased an Xbox from your parents asking for a friend I'm gonna try fitting it under the seats but idk if t...
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for supporting a lesbian-only space and for realizing that a space just for us, does not mean that we "hate" you. It takes a grown woman to be a true ally.

If u were a piΓ±ata what kind of candy would u have

Having to physically restrain myself from starting a project at 12 am when I have other things to do

You'd think that eventually I'd stop staying up so late for no reason but apparently you'd be wrong. 4 am,,,,,,

It didn't fucking show the meme I attached so I just sound like a fucking jackass announcing my every move

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Gonna dye my hair bright pink tomorrow
Fingers crossed, hopefully I don't look like I have a gender when it's done

Hey how do you hide the fact that you purchased an Xbox from your parents asking for a friend

I'm gonna try fitting it under the seats but idk if the seats will crush it or not

Depression thoughts,,, 

I am so sick of being on this roller coaster. I know what caused me to feel so low but i hate the fact that little events have the power to out me right back at square one

Sometimes i remember my short film and then get the urge to Not

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then why don't you just use that "switch-lives-just-to-know-what-it's-like-o-mogrifier" thing you built last tuesday?

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the trans activists targeting detransioners and desisters are unbelievably malicious. i used to give TRAs the benefit of the doubt but now i see they don't even care who they hurt if it lets them control the narrative.

detrans people aren't people in their eyes. they're just threats. i cannot imagine having so little compassion for another human being.

False alarm some idiot put that shit in the cooler

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Honestly with all of the dumb shit I've done I am practically living proof that survival of the fittest is fake

One time I tried to ride sidesaddle on a bike

And by one time I mean like six times because I kept forgetting what made the first five attempts utter failures

Think I just lost a book I was really looking forward to reading

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