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Trans men that may be lurking: you are welcome here. I personally strive to make sure Cliterati is inclusive to all females who follow the CoC, and I want everyone here to have a voice

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@Squiddy oh fuck you caught me I'm a sea urchin disguised as a woman
I truly am underwater

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Hey if I ever go too far in teasing please let me know, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings and will immediately stop

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Hey its club time ladies!
Creation Club!
I know the names ugly I'm working on it
The point of the club is to bring radfem/radfem adjacent/female art to the spotlight and hopefully inspire others to create their own!
Anything that you can make counts, from art to code to dance to poetry to narrative. It doesnt even have to be radfem or female related, it just has to follow our CoC to be in the club
Anyone female can join the club, though it's primarily for Cliterati users (I may make one for Spinster if this garners any attention)
Tag your stuff with and make sure to comment on and like other posts!

I'm fine now I just coded for a few hours straight and got a huge assignment done

Feel like somebody replaced my blood with red hot liquid copper. I've stress cleaned the whole house (except my room, which taunts me with its filth), had close to three panic attacks about the passage of time, and took a shower that either lasted 5 minutes or 2 hours
I have to build a website by tonight (or tomorrow, still havent nailed down what day today is supposed to be), finish an essay that is weeks overdue (don't ask how many), and finish my shit on animal crossing
This isnt even mentioning college shit which is quickly approaching

Think I'm gonna build my own instance but it's just me frantically breathing into a brown paper bag by myself

I hope I have the memory to keep track of animal crossing
Maybe making an island theme will help me remember shit

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Update she ditched me I think she just hated the fan

Update have moved tiny fan to the floor so it could cool off my cat because I'm pretty cooled, she inspected it before deciding to come lay on my lap so moved the fan back so we could both cool down

So apparently the fan that was in my room was moved into the living room for my brother's gf and her baby to stay over with the promise that I could just open my window if I got hot

I just discovered that I apparently no longer have screens on my windows, and my pregnant black cat and I are staying cool solely by the breeze generated by a fan that could fit on my hand

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So funny to see Alex Gleason openly retoot from Nazis when just a few months ago many women were called hysterical and cluster b's for not trusting him.

I want to write so bad it is a crime that I'm not writing right now


Can we please just cut trans shit out of gender studies
I wanna learn about the patriarchy and all that shit without catering to men

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So called left wing men would rather be nicer to right wing men than to feminists.

Watching tumblr 'debates' can be very entertaining because normally it's just two people with low reading comprehension trying to duke it out

Corona babey 

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It is not a mother's fault if her son turns out to be terrible. The vast majority of mothers do not want their sons to be abusers or murderers. Stop blaming women for the actions of men.

I got into the college I wanted!!!!!!!!

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I wish people were kind enough to let people without homes sleep in hotels for free during quarantine.

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We are a group of lesbian feminists of color.

No, we will not allow right-wing ideology as the right has not, and will never truly be, on the side of women and girls.

We will not compromise our morals for the voices of men and male people.

We will not permit homophobia and racism on our platform. We will not allow the shaming of detrans women.

If you wish to compromise your morals for the sake of belonging to a larger group, Cliterati is not the place for you.

We believe in forging our own path with a strong community versus a larger community that faces a divide.

This is who the Cliterati are.

I'm never sure if I should beileve in signs or not but that was most definetly a sign

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Cliterati is a female-only (AFAB) public forum created by female homosexuals/ lesbians of color, primarily serving female homosexuals (lesbians, studs, tortilleras, butches, femmes, gay women, or whatever label you prefer) of color including detransitioned, transmen, or however else you identify. Straight and white women are also allowed, as long as they follow our simple rules.

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